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About Sales Innovator

Build Your Sales Robot Team Today And Exponentially Accelerate Your Pipeline

Are you resource-constrained? Need to hit a big sales target? Does your sales team need more leads? If these are your challenges, then Sales Robots are your solution. Scale a BDR team of Sales Robots that will keep your sales team busy closing deals and help you exponentially accelerate your sales pipeline.
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The Sales Innovator Story

Sales are the lifeblood of every organization - without sales, companies wither and die. In B2B businesses, it is expensive to get started and to grow your sales teams. Without a strong brand and internet presence, you need to depend on a strong sales outreach effort that requires significant investment. 

Hiring a good salesperson requires much money, and outsourcing your sales to an agency can be very expensive, requires much supervision, and can be challenged with quality issues. After many years of trying and testing various models and conducting much research Steven Tedjamulia believed it was possible to create a sales robot that could help companies scale their outreach effort at an affordable price.

Using his predictive analytics and automation experience, he and his team of developers built the Sales Innovator platform to create and manage sales robots. Today, the Sales Innovator robots are focused on sales outreach and look real, can send emails like the best salespeople, and can qualify prospects. The Sales Innovator team soon plans to develop further intelligence into the sales robots that will make them interact and become more capable of more advanced sales functions that will help companies become significantly more effective.

The goal of Sales Innovator is to provide sales robots to all companies worldwide and make them easy and affordable to spin up as if you were purchasing a server in the cloud.


We believe sales robots will be an integral part of every business and work together with people to help businesses succeed.

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Sales Innovator allows me to hire a junior marketer and turn him into a rock star that helps my sales team generate more leads and spend more time selling.

Hrishikesh Kale, Founder & CEO

VSH Solutions 

Join Us In Our Journey To Build The Sales Force Of The Future

Sales robots can look like real people, send emails like real people, and qualify leads like real people. With a few clicks of a button, you can stand up an infinite number of sales robots to help your company reach your target audience. If you need more salespeople, you do not have to spend time interviewing to find the best, you do not need to worry about turnover, and you do not have to spend lots of money training salespeople. Robots can get the work done, and over time with more data, they will become better and potentially replace many functions salespeople perform.

Steven Tedjamulia, Founder & CEO

Sales Innovator

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Meet Our Team

Humans and Sales Robots working together to build the marketing team of the future

Every day our human team works hand in hand with our Sales Robots to help you become more successful. It would be impossible for us to scale and digest information so quickly and affordably as we can without our team of Sales Robots. 

Get proven playbooks, email templates, and email sequences to help your team get a running start at launching a successful outreach campaign.
Dominate Your Market With A Team Of Sales Robots
Learn the strategy and details of how sales robots work, set them up, and what technology powers sales robots. Those interested in the numbers will learn how to forecast their models to see how many sales robots it takes to reach their sales goals, what the ROI will be, what are the costs, and how sales robots compare to hiring a salesperson.
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