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Engage Your Entire Industry

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for lead generation teams to connect with all their prospects in a highly personalized way to get their prospects interested and ask questions. 

Getting access to verified contacts and messaging prospects is possible with tools such as LinkedIn, Lusha, Apollo, and many others. However, the cost is expensive, and you still need to buy additional tools for outreach. 

We built Sales Innovator so that any start-up or enterprise could get affordable access to their prospects and organize their lead generation team efficiently and effectively to connect with all their buyers and start selling.

Our Purpose

We want to help companies connect with their buyers easily across various channels and have a way to accelerate sales quickly. 

If you have a product and message that has a product-market fit and can provide excellent value to the world, you deserve to get your message heard, and Sales Innovator is the platform to help you do that. 

For this reason, we provide unlimited access to our contact database and technologies and training that help you get your message out responsibly and effectively.

We are your partner to accelerate sales and the champion of companies with great products.

Our Story

We started as a lead generation agency looking for tools that could help us scale our business. However, we quickly realized that a per-user license model and per contact price was very costly for companies that wanted to scale. In addition, buying lists, validating lists, and managing the sending process were also time-consuming.  

We wanted to build a better system that could give teams unlimited access to contacts and the power to send easily, measure, and optimize their lead generation efforts. 

As we started to build our tool, we knew there were many competitors in the market, but we saw a niche for us to provide a lead generation tool perfect for teams, and we built Sales Innovator.

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