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Compliance Features

Features to stay on top of government regulations

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We are committed to the privacy and protection of our partner's and customer's data.  Sales Innovator is always taking steps to ensure we are compliant with new regulations. Please note that the features we implement and the information we provide are for information purposes only and shouldn't be construed as illegal advice.

CAN-SPAM Compliance Features

Designed to provide transparency and compliance

Robot emails and landing pages are personalized, add value to the receiver, and clearly identify the sender company and sender and allow recipients to unsubscribe or contact the sender.

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Clearly Identifiable Email Contact Information
Clearly Identified Company Information
Clearly Identified Contact Information
Recipients can unsubscribe centrally from all emails.
Clearly Identifiable Landing Page Contact Information
Clearly Identified Company Information And Links
Clearly Identified Contact Information And Contact Information
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Personalized Relevant Content 
Each Email And Landing Page Is Personalized
Pages Are Optimized To Provide Engaging And Relevant Content
Clear Identification Of Sales Intent
Emails Are Designed To Clearly Identify Each Email As A Sales Outreach
Landing Pages Are Designed To Provide Several Calls-To-Action and Clear Identification Of Service Offering.
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Cookie Tracking Customization
The recipient can be notified that cookies are being used.
Once recipients reject cookies they no longer will be tracked across emails and landing pages.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

Designed to provide transparency and compliance

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important pieces of legislation on data privacy, the GDPR includes some sweeping rules and requirements that will impact the ways businesses process the personal data of EU individuals.

Sales Innovator is committed to the privacy and protection of our partner and customer's data. In this section of the page, we will outline the steps we’ve taken to ensure we comply with the new regulation. Please note that the information contained in this resource is provided for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as legal advice.

GDPR Overview

The GDPR is a set of laws that greatly improve the protection of personal data for EU citizens and residents, while at the same time increasing the duties and responsibilities of companies that collect and maintain such information.


Here are some key highlights:

  • It gives EU individuals more control over their personal information.

  • It mandates additional requirements for organizations to protect personal data.

  • It strengthens the roles and powers of EU data authorities and enhances fines and sanctions.

  • It applies to all organizations that collect and handle the personal information of EU individuals, regardless of where an organization is located.

How the GDPR Affects Sales Innovator


Sales Innovator has no operations, employees, partners, or contractors in the EU. However, to the extent that Sales Innovator “monitors” EU individuals via the Internet (for example, through their use and access of the Callbox website), we believe the GDPR may apply to us under this condition. This is accordingly where we focus the bulk of our efforts on GDPR compliance.


What we have done to comply

We’ve carried out a thorough review of our data processing practices and have taken the following steps:

Controller-Processor Relationships
As data controller, Sales Innovator ensures the security of data subjects’ personal data by signing data processing agreements with each of our data processors.
Breach Reports
We have implemented a plan to notify the right supervisory authorities and data subjects within 72 hours after discovery of a security breach involving personal data.
Data Protection Addendum (DPA)
We provide a DPA to all of our customers to supplement our Privacy Policy.
Rights of Data Subjects
Our updated Privacy Policy explains the rights of data subjects including the options to delete, update, manage, or download their data. Our updated privacy policy also informs data subjects the purpose of each piece of personal data we collect.
Conditions for Consent
We have taken steps to ensure that data subjects freely provide consent, and that consent is given through positive opt-in.
Lawful Basis for Processing
We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to clearly indicate that our lawful basis for processing personal information includes consent and our legitimate interests.
Security of Processing
Whatever data we collect and store, we ensure that these are all completely secure and have implemented SSL encryption on all our websites and online services for secure communication. We have also implemented real-time alerts, security logging and monitoring of our servers and online services and also do scheduled audit checks of server logs.
Data Protection Officer (DPO)
We have designated a DPO to oversee GDPR compliance and carry out the responsibilities described under Article 37.

Sales Innovator's Commitment to Data Security, Protection and GDPR Compliance

Sales Innovator has committed to compliance with the GDPR and our services already include the functionality necessary for our operations and processes to comply. We have examined the relevant provisions of the GDPR that pertain to the data we keep and we are closely tracking additional applicable GDPR guidance being issued.

Steps taken concerning our contact database:

  • Sales Innovator has appointed a Data Protection Officer assigned the task of securing data and compliance with the GDPR guidelines.

  • Sales Innovator has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate required by the GDPR.

  • Since our target markets are North America and the Asia-Pacific, Sales Innovator is not actively collecting any personal data on EU-member country residents. This is our assurance to clients that any data we provide them will not expose them to any risk of any GDPR penalties.

  • Unique client-supplied data will only be used for that specific client’s campaign and is managed by the client. Sales Innovator will require assurance from the Client that any data turned over to Sales Innovator is GDPR compliant.



Features To Stay On Top Of Government Regulations

Clearly identifiable email contact information

Clearly identifiable landing page contact information

Personalized relevant content

Clear identification of sales intent

Cookie tracking customization


compliance commitment

Easily invite team members with a link or email

Multiple user roles and permissions

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

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You Are Always In Control

Define the buyer journey each robot will deliver

Configure whom the robots will target, what emails they will send, what landing pages will look like, and who will be notified.

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