Content Marketing

Making it easy to create content marketing campaigns

Marketing and sales can easily use Sales Innovator to create and share content, templates, analytics, and contacts across marketing campaigns. Consequently, helping both groups save time while accelerating the sales pipeline.

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Content Library

Content is centrally stored and can be quickly reused on all campaigns.

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Reusable Templates

Marketers can save page and email templates and reuse them on other campaigns.

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Campaign Workspaces

Workspaces are created for each campaign to facilitate team collaboration.

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Centralized Contacts

Contact information for each campaign is centrally stored for teams to access and re-use.

Shared Analytics.png

Shared Analytics

Based on rolls and permissions, each team member will have the analytics they need to accelerate the pipeline.

Collaboration That Drive Results

We make it easy for your team to know what is working and how to keep succeeding

Sales Innovator has made it easy for marketing and sales to identify which emails, content, and pages are getting the best results, and then the team can create templates that can be re-used in new campaigns.

Content Library.png

Content Library

You can easily add existing content to a centralized content library that other team members can use to create personalized content experiences that will drive more engagement and sales.

Reusable Templates.png

Reusable Templates

With Sales Innovator, marketing and sales can save the best page templates, content, and email templates that can be re-used to create new campaigns optimized for success.

Campaign Workspaces.png

Campaign Workspaces

Work as a team to create and optimize email campaigns so that you can get the best results. Campaign team members can choose team members, target audience, content, emails, and optimized sending settings. 

Centralized Contacts (1).png

Centralized Contacts

Contacts are centralized across all campaigns so you can get a complete view of the customer journey, interested companies, and best leads. Sales Innovator allows you to drill into each contact and see how they are performing across campaigns.

Shared Analytics.png

Shared Analytics

Get a global view of how all the campaigns are performing, while sales get specific views into their campaigns and which leads they should focus their attention on.


Optimize your pages in minutes with content that drives results

Sales Innovator makes it very easy for marketers to add content to the content library. They can add text, videos, images, links, and even iframe a web page. Once the content is stored in the library, adding it to a personalized page or email takes seconds.

Simple To Use

Plug And Play Into Your Sales Process

Sales robots can easily be incorporated into any size sales teams

Sales robots take on the time-consuming and tedious task of outreaching to prospects and waiting for prospects to engage and show interest.

Sales Process

Without SDR

Sales Process

With SDR


Solo To Small Sales Teams

Mid To Enterprise Sales Teams

Content Marketing

Making It Easy To Create Content Marketing Campaigns

Centralized content library

Advanced content 


Content scheduling

Instant sharing



Custom trackable 

link shortener

Content management system

Rich Media


Centralized contacts

Role based analytics

Email Templates

Dynamic page templates

Campaign workspaces

iFrame content pages

Template library

Campaign templates

You Are Always In Control

Define the buyer journey each robot will deliver

Configure whom the robots will target, what emails they will send, what landing pages will look like, and who will be notified.

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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