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With over 75,000 partners all over the world, VMware wanted a content strategy that would empower their customers to sell more products.

Sales Innovator provided a thorough content discovery and audit of the different types of content partners were using and made recommendations of the types of content VMware could create that would have a more significant impact on sales.

The Challenge

For consulting and software companies, content marketing and thought leadership is a primary source of lead generation. VMware is highly dependent on its channel to sell its products, and the partner marketing team wanted a way for them to increase sales by better arming their partners with valuable content. 

The bottom of the funnel lead-generating product content was relevant, but VMware wanted to expand sales and wanted to create content that would help target the middle of the funnel opportunities.

VMware wanted to know what content should they create to target the middle of the funnel and what content would be most effective and what type of calls to action should they include.  

The Solution

Sales Innovator conducted a thorough discovery of content partners were using that was successful and what customer journeys were delivering the highest returns.  A marketing plan was created with optimized keywords to use, and a set of deliverables were created for testing and optimization. 

Partner feedback was crucial for knowing what was helping, and data was used for the next round of content optimization.

By providing partners with direction and high-quality content, VMware could drive more leads, optimize their joint marketing funds to target higher converting prospects, and help partners close more deals.




Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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