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Building a community can be very challenging, but when done correctly the opportunities can be transformational and very lucrative. 

Sales Innovator helped us create a community of partners that helped us identify gaps in our product offering and gave us the momentum to transform our business.

The Challenge

Novell, a Micro Focus company, sold a struggling product with a billion in revenue that had a large install base of customers worldwide.  Partners were not well supported and struggled to understand the value of continuing to develop to support the product. Without a partner community, it would be hard to keep up with innovation and sales would continue to fall.

The Solution

Sales Innovator took time to understand the partner's needs and to build a community that could support the partners and their desired investment in Novell.  Over 200 partners joined the community, representing over 100 million in sales.


The partners built relationships with the sales teams and drove more sales, but most importantly, they provided critical intelligence that let to Novell filling up gaps with its product line and making several acquisitions that would go on to transform the company and its trajectory.  

Social selling does not only directly impact sales, but it can help you gather the intelligence needed to create a solution that will help you dramatically increase sales.




Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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