They helped us understand why our ads were not being effective and what we needed to do to increase our conversion rates.

Digital Sales Strategy

Sales Innovator understood my audience, what content they liked, how to engage with them, and what influencers to choose better than any other agency we have worked with.


~ Stan Gwin

The Challenge

The first priority for marketing teams is to focus on the bottom of the funnel marketing opportunities and maximize the number of leads and conversions they can acquire using various marketing channels. 


Competing for the bottom of the funnel leads can be significantly expensive and require a solid brand, customer experience, awesome service, and great prices.  Factors that if you are not mastering can significantly affect your conversion rates.

When you are entering a new market or struggling to be price, feature, and process competitive with other sellers you will struggle with an all in advertisement strategy.  You will have a significantly lower ROI on your ad spend and you may not get the results required to sustain the business.

The Solution

An optimal strategy we deployed with Southern Tire Mart was helping them understand the gaps in their solution for bottom-funnel buyers and the costs to become competitive.  Also, we were able to help them understand the value of the middle of the funnel buyer and how leading competitors were doing very well targeting middle of the funnel personas who were in market, but not immediately ready to buy.  

By focusing on middle funnel personas Southern Tire Mart could increase their sales-ready leads by 50% with a 30% lower cost.  This middle of the funnel leads would end up spending 47% more.

With our help, Southern Tire Mart was able to reduce wasted ad spend dollars and save millions and put a strategy in place that would help them further grow their business at the rate they were ready to grow.



Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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