Enterprise Ready

Robots designed to support growing businesses

Sales Innovator is ready to help a solo entrepreneur and can scale to support a large enterprise with thousands of sales reps. Admins can manage users, billing, domains, departments, email connections, and integrations easily from a central console.




Manage and participate across various clients, departments, and teams by switching workspaces.

Connection Manager (1).png


Connection Manager

Manage all organization email connections and add connections for senders or have them add their own.


User Roles

Grant team members various permissions by assigning user roles.

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Centralized Billing

Manage billing and system upgrades centrally for all the organization.

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Custom Domains

Add your custom trackable domains for your various email campaigns.

Ready To Scale

We are ready to scale with your business from day one

Sales Innovator is ready to support your growing organization immediately. As your sales robots accelerate your pipeline, you can add more people to help you manage your leads and campaigns. Just send a team member an invitation email or link, and as they register, they will ready to help. For agencies supporting various clients, you can easily add clients and manage them from one interface.


User Roles

Organization admins can easily invite their team members by sending emails or inviting them with a link. Each member can be granted different access rights based on their role. 

Central Billing (1).png

Centralized Billing

Admins can centrally manage the organization's subscription, and based on system use admins can upgrade to get more storage and to send more emails.

Domain (1).png

Custom Domains

Admins can add multiple custom domains that they can use for short links and page domains. Adding a domain is simple, and each domain will be trackable.

Custom Domain.gif

Multi-Organization Support

If you are managing multiple clients or want to separate your company into various departments, then Sales Innovator can help you control multiple workspaces and teams from one interface. No need to log in and out of the system.

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Email Connection Manage

Admins can manage all organization email connections from a centralized interface.  Admins can add and remove connections and can invite team members to add their connections.


Robots Are Simple To Setup

All you need is a domain, email accounts, content, and prospects and Sales Innovator manages the rest

Getting started is simple. Just like you need to add a new salesperson to your company's email server, you will be adding your sales robots to your email server. Robots will be using your email servers to send emails and you will be using Sales Innovator to create and manage the campaigns. 

Domain And Email Partners

If they support SMTP we can work with them.

Web Hosting Pad
Proton Mail
A2 Hosting
Scala Hosting
Network Solutions
G Suite
Ice Warp
At Mail
Office 365
Amazon Work Mail

Plug And Play Into Your Sales Process

Sales robots can easily be incorporated into any size sales teams

Sales robots take on the time-consuming and tedious task of outreaching to prospects and waiting for prospects to engage and show interest.

Sales Process

Without SDR

Sales Process

With SDR


Solo To Small Sales Teams

Mid To Enterprise Sales Teams

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Sales Robots With SDR.jpg

Enterprise Ready Features

Robots Designed To Support Growing Businesses

Manage All Organization Users

Manage All Email Connections

Add Custom Trackable Domains

Manage Multiple Organizations

Centrally Manage Billing And Upgrades

Integrate with leading CRM and email providers

Easily Invite Team Members With A Link Or Email

Multiple User Roles And Permissions

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

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