Sales robots allow your growth teams to reach out to multiple segments at once and gauge interest and market opportunity so they can identify where to deploy salespeople.

Solution For Growth Teams

Discover new growth segments faster

Robots Identify Growth Opportunities

Sales robots give you insights you need to identify new markets

Sales robots can reach out to customer segments and collect data to find what opportunities are prime for your product and what message will be most effective.

Prospect Interest.jpg

Interested Prospects

Sales robots scores each prospect based on their engagement and interest and ranks each prospect so growth teams can identify segments with the greatest number of interested prospects.

Company Interest.jpg

Interested Companies

Sales robots look across each prospect in a company and scores the company based on their level of engagement and interest and prioritizes interested companies to help growth teams prioritize targeted accounts.

Email Interest.jpg

Effective Emails

Sales robots help growth teams see how all their emails perform across campaigns and give growth teams the insights needed to optimize and re-use emails to create more effective campaigns.

Successful Campaigns.jpg

Succesful Campaigns

Our platform provides growth teams with a comprehensive view of how each campaign performs and which campaigns need to be optimized. Growth marketers can organize target segments into campaigns and test messaging, content, landing pages, and interest to find growth segments.

Content Interest.jpg

Best Content

We help growth teams optimize their content marketing efforts by giving them a 360-degree view of how their content performs across email and landing page engagement. Sales Innovator helps growth teams easily see what content is doing well and what needs to be optimized.

High Converting Calls To Action.jpg

High Converting Calls To Action

Sales robots give growth teams insights into what calls to action are being most effective across all prospects. Growth teams can test various calls to action and optimize conversions.

Robots Are More Cost Effective

Robots can help growth teams scale at a fraction of the cost of a real sales person 

An average salesperson sends 36.2 emails per day,  spends 13 hours per week on email, is very focused on a few prospects, is prone to errors, and has limited time to scale their efforts. Sales robots, on the other hand, have unlimited time, can be focused on broader email segments, can be monitored for quality, and once given an email template they can send emails simulating humans so emails do not end up in spam. If you want to send more emails just add another robot.

One Salesperson

Sales Robots


Monthly Base Salary:

$3,000 - $5,000

Monthly Software Cost: $899 - $2,499

ROI: 329%

Avg. Daily Emails Sent Per Sales Rep


Daily Emails Sent By

30 Sales Robots* 


4,043 % More Emails

* The total number of possible emails with a $2,499 plan.

Plug And Play Into Your Sales Process

Once growth opportunities are found sales will have an immediate pipeline

Growth teams can spin up sales robots to help outreach to a new segment, and if the robots discover a growth segment, those robots can then just become part of the sales team.

Sales Process

Without SDR

Sales Process

With SDR


Solo To Small Sales Teams

Mid To Enterprise Sales Teams

You Are Always In Control

Define the buyer journey each robot will deliver

Configure whom the robots will target, what emails they will send, what landing pages will look like, and who will be notified.

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

Sales Innovator provides an account based marketing platform that every B2B marketer can implement to optimize conversions and accelerate sales. 

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