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Hire A Marketer

We match the world's best Marketers with your company.

Sales Innovator is your go-to solution for hiring the best marketers worldwide. We match your company with top talent, helping you build a dream team that can scale on demand. Save time and costs with our quick hiring process, and empower your support representatives with effective tools. Unlock a global talent pool and drive success with Sales Innovator.

Hire Part-Time or Full-Time Marketer

Why Use Sales Innovator?

Largest network of global sales talent

Access the largest network of exceptional marketing professionals from around the world, ensuring you have a diverse pool of top talent to choose from.

Detailed profiles and videos

Gain valuable insights into each candidate through detailed profiles and videos, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions based on their skills, experience, and expertise.

Hiring consultations from marketing executives

Receive expert guidance and insights from experienced marketing executives throughout the hiring process, ensuring you make the right choice for your team.

Simplified interviews and onboarding process

Streamline the hiring process with our simplified interviews and onboarding procedures, saving you time and effort while ensuring a smooth transition for your new hires.

We Pair You Up With The Best Marketing Talent For Your Business.

Type of Marketing Talent Available

Sales Innovator offers a wide range of exceptional marketer talent across various roles and specializations, including Marketing Specialists, Digital Marketers, Brand Managers, Content Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Advertising Managers, and more. With diverse expertise and skills, our marketers are ready to fuel your business growth and drive remarkable results.

Global Marketing Talent

Sales Innovator helps companies worldwide hire the best marketers by connecting them with a diverse pool of talented professionals who are remote, full-time, fluent in English, and available within their language and time zone. Our platform breaks down barriers, allowing seamless collaboration and ensuring successful communication and coordination for global teams. Expand your talent pool and build a top-notch marketing team with Sales Innovator.

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With Sales Innovator, you can confidently find the right marketing talent that aligns with your company's goals and vision, while benefiting from a seamless hiring process, expert guidance, and efficient tools for team success.


Extensive network

Access our extensive network of top marketing professionals from around the world, ensuring a diverse and highly skilled talent pool to choose from.


Streamlined hiring process

Save time and effort with our streamlined hiring process. From candidate sourcing to interview scheduling and selection, Sales Innovator ensures a smooth and efficient experience, allowing you to quickly onboard the right marketing talent.


Detailed profiles

Gain valuable insights into candidates through detailed profiles, providing information on their skills, experience, achievements, and previous work. These profiles help you make informed decisions when selecting the right talent for your company.


Payment processing

Simplify payment processes through Sales Innovator's integrated payment system. We facilitate secure and hassle-free transactions between companies and marketers, ensuring smooth financial transactions throughout the engagement.


Expert guidance

Receive expert guidance and advice from seasoned marketing professionals throughout the hiring process. Our team of experts provides valuable insights and recommendations to help you find the perfect fit for your marketing team.


Tools for efficiency and effectiveness

Enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your marketing team with our suite of tools. From project management platforms to collaboration software and analytics tools, Sales Innovator provides resources to streamline workflows and maximize the performance of your marketing team.

Trusted By Leading Brands and Startups

Key Benefits And Results

By harnessing the power of Sales Innovator's talented marketers, you can elevate your marketing efforts, drive business growth, and achieve remarkable results in today's competitive marketplace.


Access to top talent

Gain access to a curated pool of exceptional marketers who have been vetted for their skills and expertise, ensuring you hire the best fit for your company.


Global reach

Benefit from a global talent pool, enabling you to hire marketers from different regions, cultures, and backgrounds. This diversity brings fresh perspectives and helps expand your business's reach in various markets.


Scalability and flexibility

Build a scalable marketing team with Sales Innovator, allowing you to adapt to changing business needs and demand. Scale up or down your marketing resources as required, without the hassle of long-term commitments.


Diverse Skill Sets

Tap into a diverse range of marketing skill sets, from digital marketing and content creation to social media management and data analysis, enabling your team to cover all crucial aspects of marketing.


Increased efficiency

Empower your marketing team with the expertise and tools provided by Sales Innovator, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in executing marketing strategies and campaigns.


Strategic guidance

Benefit from expert guidance and insights from experienced marketing professionals throughout the hiring process, ensuring you make informed decisions and align your marketing strategies with industry best practices.


Cost savings

Save costs associated with traditional recruitment processes by leveraging Sales Innovator's platform, which streamlines hiring and eliminates overhead expenses typically incurred during traditional hiring methods.


Enhanced creativity

Inject fresh ideas and creativity into your marketing efforts by bringing in marketers from diverse backgrounds, fostering innovation and differentiation in your marketing initiatives.


Measurable results

Hiring Sales Innovator sales representatives establishes a long-term partnership, where our dedicated team is committed to your ongoing success, providing continuous support and guidance to help you achieve sustainable growth.

What Clients Say

"Working with Sales Innovator was a game-changer for our company. The quality of sales representatives we found through their platform was exceptional. They truly understood our industry and delivered outstanding results, helping us achieve unprecedented sales growth."
- John M., CEO of Tech Solutions Inc.

Hiring Made Easy and Faster So You Can Close More Sales

Talk To A Sales Expert

Work With Vetted Talent

A sales expert will work with you to understand your goals, requirements, and team dynamics.

Within days, we will introduce you to the right talent. The average time to match is under 24 hours.

Work with your new team member on a trial basis and replace any resource you are not satisfied with.

  • What is Sales Innovator?
    Good to meet you. We are Sales Innovator! We make it easy for you to connect with all your buyers by providing you unlimited access to 230 million prospects and giving you the outbound tools you need to personalize your message and make the connection. Learn more about the Sales Innovator platform.
  • What is Sales Innovator's Affiliate Program?
    The Sales Innovator Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.
  • Is there a cost to becoming an affiliate?
    Signing up and participating as a Sales Innovator affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn a commission.
  • Do I need to be a Sales Innovator customer?
    We would love it if you use Sales Innovator, but you are not required to be a Sales Innovator customer to be a part of the Sales Innovator Affiliate Program.
  • How do I sign up?
    Choose whether you want a flat rate or recurring commission and apply to the program. We'll then approve your application if it's a good fit.
  • I am a sales or marketing consultant/agency, is this the right program for me?
    Unless you create a lot of content, probably not, the affiliate program is about creating content to be used in blogs, webinars, emails, etc. If you're looking to refer clients you're servicing, you should join the Solutions Partner Program. In these programs, you'll be teamed up with a rep who will help sell your client on Sales Innovator, and you will be able to sell the client your services. If you also create a lot of content and want to use your link in that content, then yes, you can also join the affiliate program.
  • Are there any program limitations?
    As with any new program, there are a few limitations to our capabilities. We're constantly moving to improve the program, but as of now we have the following limitations in order to receive commission: 1. The customer cannot be in an active sales process at the time of clicking on your affiliate link. 2. The customer needs to be an active customer for at least two month based on the terms within Impact. For more details, we recommend reviewing the program policies and agreement.
  • Where can I find all the program details?
    Click here to check out the program agreement and here for the program policies.

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We match the world's best sales talent with your company

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