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The leading B2B Sales Robot software to help you personalize and scale your outbound sales.

10x Your Sales Pipeline at 1% of the cost

Using Sales Robots we were able to lower our CPL by 1,850% and drive 10x more pipeline within the first month.

We Use Sales Robot Technology To Clone Your Sales Team And 10x Our Results!
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Peter Strohkorb


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VSH Solutions

Peter Strohkorb
Founder & Principal
Peter Strohkorb Advisory
"Sales Innovator allows sales teams to deliver highly personalized and relevant buyer experiences at a scale that will significantly impact sales."
Alejandro Sparo
Co-Founder & CEO
The Whisper Company
"I love how Sales Robots can help me get leads for my business while I focus on other business priorities and on closing deals!"
Hrishikesh Kale
Founder & CEO
VSH Solutions
"I am impressed to see how Sales Robots can deliver significantly higher engagement levels than any of my salespeople can deliver and at a fraction of the cost of a salesperson."
Paul Chaney
B2B Writer, Editor & Content Marketer
"SEO and Inbound marketing are great marketing channels but require time to deliver results. Sales Robots are ideal for businesses that need to grow today and do not have months to wait."
Oluwadurotimi Olayemi
CEO & Founder
G3 Hub
"I have tried various marketing automation tools, and none of them are as easy to use and focused on generating outbound leads as Sales Innovator. "
Patrick Tedjamulia
CEO & Founder
Video Peel
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"When there is a ton of market demand for your solution, and you need to do more with less, I highly recommend that you consider Sales Innovator."
Need more salespeople to accelerate your sales pipeline?

Sales Innovator's A.I. Sales Robot technology allows companies to clone their salespeople at a less than 1% cost of a salesperson while optimizing the clones to deliver 3x better engagement.

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Not enough leads to keep your sales team busy closing deals!

When salespeople do have enough leads, they start generating their own leads in a very manual and time-consuming process. Sales Innovator's Sale Robot technology has a solution to keep your salespeople 100% focused on selling.

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The best way to scale your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts

Sales Innovator is a perfect ABM tool for teams looking to scale their personalized marketing efforts. Sales and marketing can work together to launch personalized campaigns for companies, segments, and markets from Sales Innovator.

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We make it easy for one person to manage all your sales robots

Sales Innovator free-up your sales team to focus on working with customers and closing deals by empowering one marketer to focus on finding leads for all the Sales Robots and launching personalized email campaigns.

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Having one person manage all your sales clones is 16x less expensive than hiring more sales people.

Sales clones are 100% optimized to ensure your emails are delivered and that your brand is protected.

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Sales Robots automatically personalize emails and landing pages for each prospect that increase engagement rates by 650%.

Sales Robots score and qualify each prospect in real-time, increasing your chances of success with prospects by 7x.

Our customers cannot imagine life without Sales Innovator

When you use Sales Innovator, your salesperson performance will go into high-velocity selling, and they will be extremely more productive, effective and will outperform all other salespeople.

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Your tech stack should work for you, not the other way around

Sales Innovator integrates with your marketing automation platform, sales automation, Salesforce, and other third-party tools in your stack. This saves you serious time (and frustration) from having to log into multiple systems to track, follow-up, and assign leads to their specific salesperson.

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Dominate Your Market With A Team Of Sales Robots
Learn the strategy and details of how sales robots work, set them up, and what technology powers sales robots. Those interested in the numbers will learn how to forecast their models to see how many sales robots it takes to reach their sales goals, what the ROI will be, what are the costs, and how sales robots compare to hiring a salesperson.
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