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Engage And Convert B2B Buyers

Send Personalized Cold Outreach Emails @ Scale

+ Unlimited Access To 230 Million Prospects

Accelerate Building Your Sales Pipeline By Sending Personalized and Engaging Outbound Emails To All Your Potential Buyers.

No credit card required | Free trial | Unlimited Plans Start at $29

CCPA Compliant

GDPR Aligned

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How it Works

Choose your prospects and engage across channels

Send your prospects emails and then based on your prospect's interest, assign team members to follow up across various channels.

Campaign Sequence
Content Sequence
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Unlimited Access To Prospects


Send Emails & Track Engagement


Auto Assign Tasks To Your Sales Team

We make it very easy for you to select from 230 million prospects and then send them emails. Once a prospect engages with your email you can automatically assign tasks to salespeople so they can follow up with the interested prospects.

Why Sales Innovator

Connect with more prospects. Accelerate your sales pipeline.

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Find Prospects

Use our easy-to-use search to quickly find the prospects and companies you want to email.

Access our database of 230 million contacts and 30 million companies and filter by the prospect or by the company to create your personalized list of prospects.

(No credit card required | Free trial)

Send Personalize Emails

Create a personalized email or email sequence you want to send to your prospect list and then send it. Super Simple! 

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Personalized emails, sequences, & landing pages

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Add your own custom fields

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Upload your personalized list of contacts

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Track clicks, opens, views, viewing time, clicks on call to action, etc.

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Send emails directly or for other team members.

(No credit card required | Free trial)

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Automatically Assign Prospects

Easily create campaign rules that assign prospects to your sales team for follow-up based on the prospect's level of engagement.

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Lead Scoring

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Easily Create Rules

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Automatic Sales Task Creation

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Sales Task Management

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Prospect Funnels

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CRM Integration

(No credit card required | Free trial)

Our Clients

Why do companies like Sales Innovator?

"Sales Innovator allows sales teams to deliver highly personalized and relevant buyer experiences at a scale that will significantly impact sales."

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Peter Strohkorb

Founder & Principal

Peter Strohkorb Advisory


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Real-Time Data Verification

Sales Innovator makes it very simple for you to validate your prospects with a click of a button. We adopt the best practice and technology for email verification and guarantee deliverability on verified contacts.

CCPA Compliant

GDPR Aligned

Contact Lists
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