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How Sales Innovator Works?

Sales Innovator helps you find the best sales talent for you to hire. We match the best freelancers in our network with the role and skills requirements you provide to give you the best talent that can help you accelerate your pipeline and help you close more deals.


Tell us what kind of sales talent you need

What kind of sales role(s) are you trying to fill? What are your requirements?

Submit a job and let us know your goals and the roles you are trying to fill. Our sales team will review your requests and contact you with additional questions to further identify your requirements. 

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We will match you with the best sales talent

We will notify you of our efforts in a few days and start presenting you with top sales talent.

As soon as we have a match, we will provide you with some talent for you to select. If we do not have a match we will notify you that we are still screening contacts until we can find you top talent.

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Add top sales talent to your team at No-Risk

Trial your top sales talent at no risk for the first five days. Also, we will find a replacement if you are not satisfied with your match anytime.

Adding top sales talent to your network has never been easier. You have a trial period with each match, and we will also replace your candidate anytime during the contract. We guarantee our sales network's quality and ability to add top sales talent to your team.

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Immediately accelerate your sales efforts 

Scale your sales team immediately to hit your revenue goals.

With Sales Innovator, you can add sales talent on demand to close talent gaps in your team and accelerate your sales efforts. Scale your team to hit your numbers and scale back at any time to manage your costs. An account manager will be there to help you get the right talent you need to achieve your business goals.

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World's Top Sales Talent Network

Hire The Best Sales Talent Today.

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