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Information Technology

Sales Innovator's top talent network can connect you, book appointments, qualify, and close B2B technology deals with decision managers and influencers.  

Medical and Healthcare

Get an experienced lead generation and sales team from the Sales Innovator network with a track record of selling to medical and healthcare decision-makers. 

Human Resources

Get lead-generation sales freelancers, salespeople, and sales leaders with the right industry connections and a proven track record selling human resource products and services.  

Manufacturing and Distribution

Get a steady flow of manufacturing leads and appointments by hiring top sales talent from Sales Innovator's top sales networks. Have your new team create multi-touch, multi-channel marketing solutions tailored for B2B companies.


Use the Sales Innovator's top talent network to create and execute multi-touch and multi-channel lead generation campaigns that help drive more leads and close more deals.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Use the Sales Innovator network to reach more qualified marketing and advertising buyers, schedule more appointments, and close more deals.

Management Consulting

Ramp up your sales team using Sales Innovator's top sales talent network to grow your consulting firm and research organization. Accelerate your sales pipeline and sales with on-demand sales talent.


Sales Innovator provides top sales talent with telecom contacts and a successful sales track record. Get solid lead generation, appointment setting, and sales talent to help you close more sales.

Business Products and Services

Grow your professional service sales team on demand and extend your team to create a lead generation engine that will help you attract, engage, and convert new customers.

Financial Services

Find new clients using Sales Innovator's proven B2B sales talent for financial services, and start growing your sales pipeline today. Hiring top sales experts is fast and easy with Sales Innovator.


Startups to large companies worldwide can use the Sales Innovator top sales network to get industry-specific lead generation experience to accelerate their pipeline and close more sales.

The Top 20% Of Sales Talent

The Sales Innovator talent network includes the world's top 20% of sales talent. Our talent network provides team members with all the necessary roles to build a high-performing, results-driven sales team. We are an elite network passionate about sales and how to make companies succeed.

World's Top Sales Talent Network

Hire The Best Sales Talent Today.

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