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Sales Innovator can help you target 7,478 funded companies and 1.7 million executives in the Retail industry with personalized messages that add value to your prospects' business, showcase your thought leadership, and invite the prospect to engage and schedule an appointment.

Sales Innovator has access to an extensive database of Retail companies. We can help you penetrate 50 of the largest global 2000 Retail companies, 1,260 Retail companies that have gone IPO, 3,100 companies recently acquired, or 293 companies private equity companies purchased. Also, Sales Innovator can help you go after well-funded startups, 132 in the Retail industry, or 2,643 companies starting up. If there are companies in the Retail space that we do not have listed, we can also help you target those accounts. Sales Innovator enables you to scale your account based marketing efforts beyond companies your salespeople can manually find and target.

Additionally, Sales Innovator can help you contact 1.7 million executives in the Retail industry. We have access to 850,000 owners, 5,500 marketing executives, 1,000 technology executives, 8,500 sales executives, 15,000 operations executives, 11,000 finance executives, and 5,000 IT executives. Sales Innovator helps you reach the buying committee that will decide on your product or service. Sales Innovator can also get you access to 290,000 vice presidents and 570,000 directors in the Retail industry.

With Sales Innovator, we can help you scale and reach an entire industry through email, social selling, ads, and phone calls with personalized value-added content that will impress your prospects and give them a reason to contact you. Do not let your competitors dominate an industry first. With Sales Innovator, you can become the industry leader, accelerate your pipeline, and close more deals.


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