Sales robots integrate with your existing marketing and sales systems

Sales Innovator integrates with email providers, customer resource management systems, and prospect databases.

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Domain and Email Integrations

They look and interact like humans that best fit the audience's interest. 

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Send emails simulating humans so emails do not end up in spam.



They share content as they were sending individual custom emails.


Domain and Email Integrations

We support all major email providers to send emails

Sales Innovator integrates with Gmail, Google Email, Microsoft Exchange, Office 360, and SMTP. Sales Robots will use your email provider of choice to send emails.


CRM Integrations

Sales Robots integrate with all major CRM providers

Sales Innovator allows you to import and export prospects from and into any CRM. Import leads that need to be warmed up or prospect lists that need to be contacted into Sales Innovator and then export qualified prospects that can be imported into any CRM. The whole process is simple and easy.


Prospect Database Integrations

Sales Innovator integrates with all prospect databases that provide verified and certified leads

Sales Innovator makes it easy for you to upload contacts from prospect databases that sales robots can then engage and qualify. All you need to do is download a list from a prospect database and upload the list into Sales Innovator. Sales Innovator upload process is flexible and works with all databases.


Quick Integration

Uploading and downloading leads from Sales Innovator is simple and easy to do

Sales Innovator allows you to easily select the contacts you want to be downloaded to your CRM and at a click of a button you can download those contacts.  Adding contacts is easy. You can manually add them or add a file.


Integrate With Marketing And Sales Systems

Domain and email integrations

CRM integrations

Prospect database integration

Contact downloads





Contact uploading

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange,  Office 365, & SMTP Support

You Are Always In Control

Define the buyer journey each robot will deliver

Configure whom the robots will target, what emails they will send, what landing pages will look like, and who will be notified.

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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