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Keep Out Of SPAM Folders

Using Artificial Intelligence To Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

No Credit Card is Required.

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Keep your emails out of spam

Sales Innovator uses artificial intelligence to make sure your emails arrive in a prospect's main inbox.

Automatically warm up your email domains

Automatically warm up your email domains

Emails are sent automatically just like

Emails are sent automatically just like a real person would send them.

Sales Innovator works behind the scenes to make sure your emails are successfully delivered.
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Using Algorithms And Artificial Intelligence To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Sales Innovator uses artificial intelligence to make sure your emails are successfully delivered to an inbox. By using complex algorithms, Sales Innovator can perform tasks that would be impossible or very time-consuming for a person to do on their own to ensure email deliverability.  

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Messages automatically warmed up

Sales Innovator will automatically warm up your domain by automatically spreading your emails across various days and times and incrementally sending more emails each day until you reach your goal of daily email sends per domain. At any point, you can pause your email send per sender if you encounter too many deliverability issues.

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Messages sent automatically one by one

Sales Innovator will send emails as they are ready to be sent and will not bulk send many emails at once. Algorithms will spread out your emails across the day and week to make sure your emails get sent in a more human-like way.

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Messages sent to a specific domain automatically distributed

Sales Innovator will spread out emails going to a single domain across multiple days. Spam filters will automatically mark you as spam if they do not recognize your domain and see many emails coming in all at once. As your domain becomes recognized, you can gradually increase the number of sends to a domain.

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Your custom domain automatically assigned to links, content, and pages

Sales Innovator allows you to use your custom domain and associate your domain with a landing page, sender, content, and links. This way spam filters will see the same domain being used across the email journey and will increase your domain's reputation.

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Automate opening email personalization and follow-ups

Sales Innovator allows you to personalize each email with unique content, so your emails do not look the same for each sender. Personalized emails will raise your domain reputation and capture a reader's attention and drive more conversions.


Feel secure when sending email

Sales Innovator will help you keep track of each of your contacts by identifying the contacts that should not be emailed and removing them from your list while giving you the option to decide if you want to email contacts you have already emailed.

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Optimizing Email Delivery Features

Delivering 100% Messages To The Main Inbox

Domain Warmup Rules

Domain Email Rules

Warmup Dashboard

Domain Health Dashboard

Domain Landing Pages

Email Links Match Sender Email

Domain Email Rules

Personalized messages

No Link Shortener 

Easily identifiable links

URL Match Content Being Offered

We Use Raw Links

No Attachments Required

Geo Optimized Delivery

Alt Text Included With Images

Responsive Email Design

Plain Text Version Included With Emails

Proper HTML Makup

Unsubscribe Link

Mobile-Friendly HTML Templates

Optimized Email Size

Remove Bounces Automatically

Custom Domain Names

Email Authentication

SSL Certificates For Custom Domains

TLS Security On Emails

Automatic One By One Email Send

Automatic Email Duplicate Detection

Never send twice to one person

Monitor soft and hard bounces

Preview Emails Before Sending

Randomized Email Sending

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