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Sales Innovator helps companies beat their sales targets
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Lead Scoring And Notifications

Automatically Assign Prospects To The Right Sales Person

Team Engagemet
Help your sales team create customer experiences that engage and convert. 
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Lead Scoring And Notification Features

AI Sales Assistants Working Together With Your Team To Engage

View all incoming mail from a central email box

Reply to emails from a cental email box

Advanced email filters to view emails

Mark emails as favorite and label emails

Email signatures

Mobile-friendly emails

Send emails on behalf of others

Manage All Email Connections

Centrally Manage Billing And Upgrades

Integrate with leading CRM and email providers

Email integration (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange,  Office 365, & SMTP)

Email templates

Manage unsubscribers

Support for text and HTML emails

Content Management Integration

Email Personalization

Email Box Management

Email Forwarding Features

Automated Email Replies

Manage All Organization Users

Manage Multiple Organizations

Easily Invite Team Members With A Link Or Email

Multiple User Roles And Permissions

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Get over 40 free proven playbooks, email templates, and email sequences to help your team get a running start at launching a successful outreach campaign.
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