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Sales Rockstars Wanted! Join Sales Innovator and Get Placed with Top US Technology Companies!


Job Type

Full Time

Number of Positions


About the Role

As a Freelance Sales Representative, you will be representing top US technology companies and marketing agencies, making inside sales, sales development (SDR), and business development (BDR) calls. You will be reaching out via phone, email, and social media to engage potential clients, close deals, and drive business growth.


Are you a skilled sales professional with a track record of success? Are you ready to take your career to the next level by showcasing your talents to the best technology companies in the United States? Sales Innovator is here to make it happen!


  • Demonstrated success in previous sales roles with documented case studies.

  • Proficient in English to make sales calls in the United States.

  • For Brazilian sales representatives: Proven track record and exceptional sales skills.



Contract Length