Personalized Buyer Experiences

Create personalized experiences in minutes

With a few clicks, you can publish a personalized campaign experience optimized for engagement and conversion.

Personalize At Scale

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Personalize the content each buyer will be presented.

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Landing Pages

Personalize each landing page the buyer visits.

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Personalize every email the buyer is sent.

Create personalized buying experiences at scale

The average sales rep sends 36.2 emails per day and spends 13 hours per week on email. By using Sales Innovator a marketer can help a sales rep send over 500 personalized emails per day without spending any more time writing emails.


Select Your Target Audience

Marketing and sales work together to build an email list of potential buyers they want to target for each sales representative. The email list can be manually added or uploaded to Sales Innovator.


Choose Content For Your Target Audience

Marketing re-purposes created content or creates more content that will help the buyer accelerate their buying decision. Content can be uploaded to Sales Innovator or created using Sales Innovator.


Create A Personalized Dynamic Landing Page

Marketing can create a template landing page by inserting syntax into page content that will auto-populate all pages dynamically for each buyer.  Easily personalize the landing page by inserting logos, buyer contact information, sender information, and content.


Send A Sequence Of Personalized Emails

Marketing can create email templates by inserting syntax into an email's content that will auto-populate all emails for each buyer and sender. Easily add trackable landing page links and images for each email.


Create Binge-Worthy Customer Buying Experiences

Create a personalized buying experience that will keep the buyer engaged and will help them accelerate their buying decision. With Sales Innovator you will no longer need to send them to dead-end landing pages or have them get lost on your company website.

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Creating a personalized buying experience is easy and fun to do

No longer will you need to involve IT or spend time integrating many products. Sales Innovator makes it easy for you to create impressive personalized buying experiences in minutes.

Ready To Use Templates

Email and Landing Page Templates

Getting started has never been easier. Visit our library of email and landing page templates that you can use to get ideas or that you can re-use to create your own campaigns.

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Personalized Buyer Experiences

Personalized Content, Pages, and Emails

Personalized landing page hubs

Landing page calls to action

Personalized welcome messages

Personalized sender


Personalized content pages

Multi-media support (video, podcast, PDF, images, and links)

iFrame links in dynamic pages

Custom branded landing pages

Easy to customize landing pages

Landing page templates

Custom  domain

Mobile-friendly landing pages

Personalized landing page logos

Trackable domains

Personalized emails

Mobile-friendly landing pages

Mobile-friendly emails

Integrated content management

Buyer experience analytics

Recommended content

Use Sales Innovator to start sending personalized emails for your sales force today!

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Sales Innovator is a sales acceleration platform that allows B2B marketers created personalized customer journeys at scale in behalf of their sales teams.

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