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Sales Innovator lets you automatically create personalized links for Social Selling.
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Personalized Link Sharing For Teams

Send personalized outreach links for your sales team

"No longer do I have to send links to a page or blog that I cannot track and personalize. Sales Innovator allows my entire team and me to send personalized links to prospects and channels that I can track and optimize. Most importantly, these links have a higher conversion rate."
Perfect For B2B Marketers
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Sales Innovator enables your team to extend your personalized outreach to all channels.
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Personalized Link Sharing For Teams Features

Share Personalized Links To Accelerate Sales

Personalized Page Sharing


Content Sharing

Personalize Links Per Sender

Trackable Links

Personalized Channel Tracking Links

Personalized Links Per Lead And Sender

Custom Shorten URL

Link Analytics

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