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5 LinkedIn Marketing Features You Cannot Ignore


While much emphasis has been placed on Instagram and Facebook for social media marketing, LinkedIn has observed persistent growth over the last years. Its user base has reached up to 500 million, which is astonishing. To get a hold of the world biggest professional platform, organizations now aim at perfecting their LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn has proved to be a powerful platform for high consideration B2C and for B2B marketer as compared to all other social platforms that exist. As found in recent research conducted in the UK, LinkedIn has proved to be a highly effective content marketing channel, and 96% of B2B marketers are using it.

To follow an integrated marketing approach, you need a content marketing strategy. Following are 5 LinkedIn marketing channels that you cannot ignore, each feature is significant in meeting your LinkedIn objectives of content marketing.

LinkedIn Showcase and Company Pages

Company pages allow you to build relationships with already existing customers and become visible to prospective customers by featuring relevant content.

Showcase pages work in a similar way for business products, initiatives and business lines within the organization.

How to achieve objectives?

Create Awareness of your Brand

You need to increase engagement as well as brand awareness. Respond to the comments of business professionals, actively engage with new people and spread the word about your brand.

Generating Leads

Before making a buying decision, understand that people tend to engage with around 8-10 content pieces.

If you wish to generate quality leads, you need to feature good lower-funnel and upper-funnel content, that may include eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, etc.

Action may be taken as follows:

Posting 3-4 times a day

Change of cover after every 5-6 months

Engage and respond to the comments of followers

LinkedIn Slide Share

SlideShare is the world’s most professional and largest content-sharing community. The time that you will be required to invest is 30 minutes every day or 2 hours a week. To obtain an inbound link that is of high quality, you can link your presentation on SlideShare on your website.

What can be shared?

Conference Recording and Webcasts

Company Videos

Influencer Videos

Webcast Decks

Tips and How-to’s

Company Presentations


How to achieve objectives?

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your content to be visible in the SlideShare search results, you need to ensure that your content comprises of keyword-rich descriptions, titles, and tags. In a world where competition is on its peak and search engine optimization is a common practice, you need it to stay in line with your competition.

Thought Leadership and Brand Awareness

You can build awareness and authority by creating LinkedIn SlideShare that show content that is unique and rich with industry news.

Lead Generation

You can attract potential customers with the help of using the right tags. Ask users to subscribe to your LinkedIn SlideShare.

Publishing on LinkedIn

In recent times, LinkedIn has become a leading and successful platform for written content. More than 3 million posts have been published by around 1 million users on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is an ideal forum to create and strengthen professional identities. Is the perfect place for professionalists place to share expertise and knowledge about different industries all around the world.

If you wish to have an audience that is engaged with your brand and to create your personal brand over time, a great method to do so is by publishing long-form content. If you decide to post long-form content frequently, the credibility of your business will increase, and your LinkedIn profile would become stronger.

Direct Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

Sponsored updates on LinkedIn enables you to reach an audience that is not just limited to the people who follow your business page. You can share your content with a broader audience.

Through direct sponsored content, you can easily post, test and personalize content on your LinkedIn feed.

What can be shared?

Blog Content, Company News, Case Studies, Industry News, Statistics and attractive visuals

Meeting Objectives

Thought Leadership: Establish trust and build relationships on a platform that consists of a business professional at all levels.

Brand Awareness: Increase the awareness of your brand and spread the word. Focus on your expertise and skills.

Generating Leads: You can do so by sharing information that professionals are looking for or interested in. Ensure to share links to a landing page or gated content with lead form.

Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest and one of the most powerful platforms in the world, and if you wish to build engagement and brand name, LinkedIn Groups are the perfect way to do so.

Stay active on engaged posts published by your company as well as other businesses. Provide additional information that can be of value to others. Position yourself as someone who is helpful and can be trusted. By being a member of LinkedIn groups and contributing, you can become successful in building relationships and increasing the visibility of your brand.

Actions that can be taken:

Form a group and assign tasks and responsibilities to people

Highlight and appreciate people who contribute the most

Monitor and manage the submission of posts daily

Join other groups that are related to your industry as well and engage

Participate and initiate healthy and informative discussions


Amongst all the social platforms that exist nowadays, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, etc. LinkedIn has become one of the leading and most powerful platforms for businesses. It comprises of over 500 million business considering that you can get in touch with businesses professional at all levels users, is a one-stop solution to marketing campaigns.

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