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6 Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

For those starting a new venture or launching a new product, I have found social media to be my number one channel for getting started and getting the word out. Here are some best practices that will help you go from zero traffic to more leads and sales.

  1. Increase Leads

65% of small businesses use social media to increase leads. Companies can post on social channels to draw attention, but the most successful ones create valuable content that they can post on their website but require the prospect to provide their email to get it. These companies then promote the content on social channels with a strong call to actions and a sense of urgency that draws people in and captures the lead. By giving value, you will get the valuable lead. This tactic works and will help you generate more leads.

  1. Get Ranked High On Search Engine Ranking

Sometimes we forget various types of search engines will help prospects find us. There is the web search engine like Google and Microsoft, and there are social search engines in social network sites such as Facebook, Linked, and YouTube. When posting social content, it may help with your Google ranking, but it will improve your social search ranking. As you post more, people will visit your profile, page, or group, and as they do, your profile gets more hits, and that helps you get ranked higher on social search engines.

  1. Drive More Traffic To Your Site

78% of small businesses say social media increases their website traffic. When you are starting, you need to get the word out to potential customers, and the easiest and most cost effective way is to use social media to post to groups, reach out via messenger and direct message, and post often. Find the largest groups on social that are relevant to your product and post in those. Make sure you are always adding value with your content and not direct selling. Also, make sure you have a social media profile, and page are optimized to help people find out more information about your business and quickly contact you or make a purchase.

  1. Keep An Eye On Competition

Social media makes it very easy for you to learn more about your competitors. You simply have to follow their pages, and you will get some great ideas on what content works best, what features customers want, and what pain points you need to solve that your competitors are not addressing. You may even find prospects you can reach out to and make a sale.

  1. Develop Trust With Customers

79% of marketers agreed that social media is an effective way to develop loyal followers. Start a social media page or group and start posting and engaging with your customers. Give them the inside scoop on what you are doing. Let them feel appreciated. They will grow to love you more, and they will show their gratitude by posting amazing comments about you and also referring you to their friends. Your viral growth will come through your customers.

  1. Create Brand Recognition

If you are not playing the game, you are out of the game. For your brand to be recognized, customers and prospects have to see it and have to follow it. Social channels give you are an excellent way for you to build your brand by providing engaging, relevant, and authentic content that people will love and appreciate. They will start to associate you with the topics you post about, and this will start building your amazing brand. Stay on topic and become an expert.

Let me know if you have other ways social media has helped you grow your business.

Thank you for reading. You can sign-up for a free social media publishing tool at I hope this helps you get started.

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