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In this tutorial, we will look at how to invite new members to join your organization and manage the list of members.

Membersare individuals who help you create content, send email campaigns, and share the links with prospects.

Click on the Start button next to Invite Team Members To Join Your Organization on the main page.


Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page, and click on Settings - Members.

How to Add New Member

You can add new members by sending an individual invitation email, one email to multiple individuals, or a link to join.

  • Individual Email

For each new member, you should select the type of organization permission you would like them to have from the drop-down menu. Then you type in their first and last name, email address, phone number, and the invitation message.

Types of organization permission

Owner - has full permission, access to payment management, and the ability to delete an organization.

Administrator - has all permissions, including managing users, pages, and campaigns.

Team Member - has permission to access the organization library, campaigns, pages, senders, and contacts.

Click on the Send button to send the invitation.

Your new member will receive an email asking to join the organization.

By clicking on Join Organization, your team member will be taken to the Sales Innovator website, where it will be required to register a new account.

  • Multi-Member Email Invite

If you want to add more than one team member with the same organization's permission, click on the Multi-Member Email Invite tab to enter multiple email addresses. Then, click on the Send button to send the invitations.

  • Send A Link To Join

You can also Send a Link to your new member. Please note that they join your organization as a Team Member first in this case. You can change their Organization Permission after their join.

Click on Generate Link, copy and send the link to your members. Do not forget to click on the Send button.

How to Manage Members

Here you can view and track the following information:

  • Member’s name and their contact details;

  • If the member is the sender;

  • Type of the member: Real or Robot;

Virtual members are virtual sales assistants who perform activities for you, with you controlling them. Real members are real people who perform functions themselves, or you can do activities for them.

  • Member's status;

When the member's email account is connected, their status is Ready. When invited, status is Pending, and when they accept the invitation to be a sender, their status changes to Accepted.

  • Organization permission;

If a member is a Real person, you can set the following permissions: Owner, Administrator, and Team Member. At the beginning of this tutorial, we have listed the definitions for these types.

If a member is a Robot (Virtual), there is only one permission type: Robot - accesses the content needed to perform virtual robot tasks.

You can filter the Member's list by the Organization Permission parameter. In addition, you can delete the organization member by pressing the bin icon under the Action Tab.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to add new organization members and manage their settings.

Thank you for being with us!

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