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Add Content To Your Page

This tutorial will discuss how you can create, add, and manage the content of your landing page and track the performance of the content.

Content is information and communication. It is the glue that keeps your audience to continue reading your campaign emails or on your site. It keeps them from bouncing away to competitor websites. Between the written words, visual media, video, and more, content is the thing that keeps people interested in your message.

On the main page, click on the Start button next to Add Content To Your Page.


On the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page, click on Pages - Add Content.

How to Manage my Content

The Content Page will open, where you can manage the already added content and add a new one.

You can filter the information by selecting the necessary landing page or/and the category.

Each added content gives you the person's name who added it, how many views it has, and the average time spent viewing it.

Under the Action tab, by clicking on the arrow button Shared Links page opens, where you can share the content with your contact.

!To learn more about this page, please read the tutorial Share A Link!

You can also edit, view, or remove the content by clicking on the three-dots button under the Action tab. And you can view the live landing page after adding the content.

To make any content a** Feature Post** on your landing page, click on the star icon next to the content under the Feature tab.

How to Create New Content

To create new content, click on Add Content's blue button located on the Page Content.

The Add Content to the web page opens up.

If, on the previous page, you selected the specific landing page, then the content will be added to it (see the screenshot above as an example).

You can create page categories to help you keep your content sorted to find it when you need one quickly.

Click on the Add New Category button and enter a category name to create a new category. In the example below, a Flower types category was created.

Please click on the Add Post blue button to add content to a landing page.

!To add the content, please refer to the tutorial Create Content For Your Page!

After the content has been created and added, it will appear on the Add Content To the web page. For example, two posts were made under Flower types in the example below.

Each created post has icons that perform various actions.

  • The first icon assigns a category to a post.

Choose the category to add and click on the Save button.

  • The second icon edits the post

  • The third one deletes the post

  • The fourth icon duplicates the post. The post opens, where you must change the title and add any desired changes. Do not forget to click on the Post button.

  • The last one views the post

After the necessary additions and changes are made, click on the blue Save button at the top of the page. And you will be taken back to the Page Content web page.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to manage and add your content and track its performance. Now it is your turn to add desired content to your landing page.

Thank you for being with us!

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