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Allow Promotions To Strengthen Your Group

Your group members will want the opportunity to promote their own product or service, but they will not want to constantly receive promotions from other group members. The best way to deal with promotions is not to ignore it, but to create a channel for promotions. The most effective way I have found to allow promotions is to either specify a day where group members can post promotions or allow for a post where promotions can get added as content. Make sure that your rules acknowledge this promotional channel and that you notify your group members about when and how they can post promotions. Rivka Hodgkinson, who manages a group of 1,000 women posted this announcement to notify her group about promotions: “We invite you to advertise your business and offerings under the designated posts, rather than in the general feed. We will make sure you have plenty of opportunities to pitch your business and events so that you can connect with potential customers within the group. Time is valuable so we, as admins, want to offer you a valuable group experience by making sure the group feed is organized and relevant to our intention of connecting with other women. Thank you for helping us create a strong network of women.” You will need to make sure you notify your moderators to enforce this new rule by warning people who post promotions outside of these specified channels that they should repost their promotion. For offenders that continue to do so, you will need to ban them. By allowing for others to post promotions you will be able to post your own promotions without seeming like a hypocrite and you will also provide a much better experience for your group members.

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