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Best Times to Post on Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform to amplify your brand and maximize engagement with potential customers. With more than 3 billion users, social media allows marketers to share and develop valuable, engaging and relevant content to reach potential customers and to expand business from existing customers. In the previous year, 90% of marketers observed an increase in exposure and awareness of their brand due to social media marketing.

Once you have put all your effort in creating content for a social media campaign, how do you know if your target audience will engage and to what extent? It is significant that you learn the timings that are best to post on social media. Because sharing content whenever you feel like it is not good enough. This article discusses the best schedules on which you can post on social media platforms.

Simply put, the best timings on which you can post on Social Media is when your followers and customers are active. However, there are prime times on which your brand can post to get the most engagement.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

Finding the best time to post on social media including Facebook can make your business stand out from competition and reach a broader target audience.

According to Facebook Analytics, the peak engagement time to post on Facebook is during early-mid-afternoon. If you want comments, likes and clicks on your posts, publish during 12-4 PM. This is because people are usually active in between work hours, mostly during lunch timings.

You can also post at 9 AM or 8 PM. According to research, people are usually active on Facebook in the morning when they are off to work, in the evening when they are commuting or returning from their offices/universities, or during dinner time. Furthermore, the best days to post content on Facebook are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The week is coming to an end, and everyone feels good about it. For brands, audience engagement is the highest on Fridays. Though, people engage the most on weekends. Also, posting on Facebook on Tuesday is the worst.

All these researches can provide an added benefit to marketers in making the right decision. However, each study presents a different set of data; as a matter of fact, it solely depends on the industry you are operating in and what type of audience you are targeting.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Managing a business account on Instagram requires careful consideration and planning. Not only should you focus on posting captivating copy and images, and being aware of the type of audience you are targeting.

As per research, the peak time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM to 1 PM as people are looking for bite-sized content to engage with during work hours. User engagement tends to be high during lunchtime, people are found posting pictures of their food and are likely to view their feed while they eat. Additionally, user engagement is also the highest right after work hours, at 5 PM. Users tend to check their feed while they are returning from work. Furthermore, the best days to post on Instagram are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Wednesday being the peak engagement day).

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform which consists of members at every level of business, the best time to post would be from 10AM-11AM. It is suggested that you display during work hours to get the most engagement. After-work hours and weekends are the worst days to post on LinkedIn as the activity is the lowest. Media, B2C, and higher-ed companies have special hours to post on LinkedIn such as 8 AM, 10 AM, and 12 PM respectively.

Best Time to Post on Twitter

Twitter is the perfect platform to view bite-sized content during free hours of work. The peak engagement time at Twitter is during lunch hours and in between 5-6 PM when people are returning to their home. According to research, user engagement is also high at 3 PM when people are off for coffee breaks. Posting content on Twitter during the work week looks like a great opportunity. Wednesday and Thursday’s are the peak engagement days on Twitter whereas, weekends are the worst. You can expect the highest retweets and click-through rates on Wednesday.

Managing Time Zones

A general concern that arises while deciding when to post on social media is different time zones. What if a business has a diverse audience? For this, you need to understand your audience and decide the best timings that would result in the highest engagement and click-through rates. You can keep track of the activity of your average customers in a day and then decide upon the timings that are the best for publishing content. Following are three tips to manage the issue of different time zones: • Researching the location where most of your audience is located in. • Analyze the highest activity times during the day. • Consider the time range you could post on.


Therefore, to decide upon which is the best time to post on social media, you need to consider several key factors. As we’ve discussed, each social platform has a different set of peak engagement times for its audience; you need to decide which platform will you be using. Additionally, considering time zones and the type of audience you are focusing on is a crucial element as well. You can follow the data mentioned above, or you can also keep a track on the activity of your target audience, and then post accordingly. It is true that the peak engagement time for every business would be different, as they are dealing with a diverse target audience. Social media management tools can assist you with schedule posts and determine the timings. Make sure that you consider your competitors too while deciding on the posting time. Hence, if you regularly analyze and monitor social media engagement and data, you might find it helpful to conclude.

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