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Best Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

Best Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

Publishing content on LinkedIn is one thing; however, increasing content engagement is a task that requires strategic thinking. It is significant to understand what content forms are the best to drive engagement on LinkedIn.

Here’s a list of some simple ways to drive engagement on LinkedIn:

1. Go for Text-Only Posts

Posts that include links or images on LinkedIn are found to receive fewer views as compared to Text-Only posts. Text-Only posts receive the highest likes, comments, and engagement depending on the quality of the content. Your text-only posts should be short and exciting if you wish to grab the reader’s attention.

2. Engage in Comments

If you want to reach a broader audience, you need to engage with people on comments. Respond to comments on your published articles or initiate conversations on the comments of other articles posted by other companies.

3. Public Posts

LinkedIn allows you to make your posts public; you can do so by going to the settings option. If you wish to reach a broader audience, make your posts public and share them on your other social platforms as well.

4. Give Credit to Informative Posts

If you find an informative article in your newsfeed, share it on your profile and give credit by tagging the person who posted that article. By doing so, you also get exposed to the network of the tagged person and get a chance to initiate conversation with new people.

5. Publish Interesting and Trending topics

Make sure that the content you post is up-to-date and would grab the reader’s attention. You can post topics that are trending on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Editorial Calendar), or you can write on topics relevant to your industry. Members usually look for informative and entertaining content. You can also add company updates in your posts.

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