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Building Facebook Engagement

Building Facebook Engagement What Is Facebook Engagement? Facebook engagement is anytime someone interacts with your post. Engagement can mean a variety of different things. When someone comments on, likes or shares your post that’s called engagement. These are particularly valuable to business owners because it allows them to communicate with potential clients directly. Talking directly with clients and potential customers is the most significant advantage that selling through social media (Social Selling) has over all other types of selling. The ability that social media has to connect with people on a personal level allows us as businesses to understand our clients more. Through social selling, you can increase your brand awareness via customer engagements. With the understanding of how important social media is the background to everything that you post should be to get engagements.   The Reason Behind Engagement There are many ways to get engagement. Using social media to post things that might interest potential clients is a great way to do this. Facebook offers many ways to find those that might be interested in what you are selling. Not only do posts with more engagement rank higher in Facebook’s algorithm, but they also build the foundation of what you are trying to do with Facebook. As a business your goal is to get more engagements and strengthen customer relationships. Customer relationships are vital to the success of your social media strategy because people tend to buy things from people they trust. By using this source to talk to people we can gain their trust. After gaining this trust, we can then start them on the path to becoming repeat customers, or people that recommend your products to friends and family.     Social Lift Strategy Social lift is taking on a new strategy within the realm of social selling and social engagements. This strategy doesn’t just involve promoting a page, but it involves going directly to the customer base. This customer base sometimes go unnoticed due to the fact that they exist in groups. These groups are full of potential customers all linked together by something they love. We will join groups, and we will message people within those groups, as well as respond to comments and messages. We will use this to create leads for your business that continue to flow. As customers continue down the path of potential customer to a customer, we will then pass them to you so that you can complete the sale with your salespeople. The Process By working with groups, we can get right to groups of people that would have interests in your products. We can make more meaningful relationships as we are active in these groups commenting and responding to comments while we promote items. Within the groups, it is much easier to be able to respond to concerns. After working within these groups, we can drive them to our page and begin turning all of these potential customers into real customers. From this we can start to track conversions through this method.       Other Services Offered by Social Lift Community Building Community building is another thing that we can do with this strategy. Our community building can do a range of services by building individual landing pages for specific campaigns. Build up communities that are specifically for the type of product or service you are selling and create a continuing source of leads.

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