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Campaign Dashboard

This dashboard showcases the most vital information about your campaigns in one handy place.

The Campaign Dashboard allows you to view and track:

  • The list of all the created campaigns and their email status;

  • How many emails are scheduled to be sent, from what domains, and for what dates;

  • How many emails and from what domains were already sent;

  • How many emails and from what domains were bounced and unsubscribed;

  • How many emails and from what domains were opened, viewed, or replied;

  • The list of all the domains and the Campaign stats per each one.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page to access the report and click on Dashboard - Campaign.

In this dashboard you can see the following.

1. There is an overview of the campaign email and the report on sent emails for each campaign. Please note that the difference between an opened email and viewed one is that in order to view an email, the contact has to open the content included in the email.

2. The second section of this dashboard has the email schedule. It shows the number of emails, from what domains, and which dates the emails are to be sent. In Sales Innovator, you can add more than one custom domain by going to the Settings - Domain Details in the navigation menu. It allows you to send emails to your contacts from different email domains. When you have more than one domain, your scheduling report might look similar to the graph below, where each color represents a domain. Their names and the corresponding colors are given below the graph. When you click on any color, the graph will display only the data for that specific domain. In addition, by hovering over any color on the bar graph, the pop-up notification will appear to let you know what domain that color corresponds to.

3. The following section shows how many emails and from what domains were already sent. In the below example, the graph shows the number of emails sent during the last week of April. The colors represent the domains.

4. The fourth section shows the number of emails that did not reach their recipients and/or the number of contacts who unsubscribed from the emailing list.

5. In the next section, you can view how many emails were opened, viewed, or replied to by your contacts. You can find in the Sales Innovator Inbox the messages from your contacts. Please remember that by going to the Dashboard Prospects report, you can see who has shown interest in your offer from your contacts.

6. The last section lists all your domains with an overview of the email data.

Under the Action tab you can set the rules for each of your domains by clicking on the Rules button.

The Domain Scheduling Rules window will open up.

Here you select the domain, the start and the end date of the Rule, and then it will ask you to configure the setting for your email. It is essential to read the following notification: "Email settings configured here will supersede all settings set at a campaign level and apply to all domain senders."

After you are done setting up the parameters for your email, you will be asked if you want to enable the domain email warmup. Warming up an email domain consists in gradually increasing the volume sent per day from this domain or email address and generating engagement to raise your sending reputation and show you're a good sender to the inbox providers and spam filters. Email domain warmup not only helps you to avoid a lot of bounced emails but also signals your service provider that you are not a robot or scammer.

The Domain Scheduling Rules in Sales Innovator opens up with the pre-filled fields that give the recommended value for that specific parameter.

As with the other dashboards, you can always select filtering parameters.

In this tutorial you learned what data to track to understand how to optimize your business techniques.

Thank you for being with us!

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