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Companies List

Assess key indicators to see prospects' level of interest and manage the list of companies to better business organization.

Click on Leads - Companies in the navigation menu.

For efficiency, this report can be sorted by the Status filter. There are four status categories, and each is marked with a different color.

Interested means that your contact has clicked on the call-to-action link to your phone number or social media profile.

Engaged tells you that your contact opened more than two links from your email.

Visited shows if the contact has opened one or two links from your email.

Not visited means that your contact didn't take any action.

The above screenshot shows the companies that clicked on a call-to-action link indicating that they are interested in the received information.

This report allows you to see and track the following information:

  • The company's name;

  • How many contacts are associated with the company;

  • How many campaigns were sent to the company's contacts;

  • The status of interest;

  • The number of views and spent time on the received content;

  • Last activity.

You can also add a new company or edit the company's name, logo, and link by clicking on the button under the Action tab. Under this tab, you can also choose to delete the company.

To see the contacts from a company, you need to click on the company's name (first column), and you will be taken to the list of contacts, which will display the contacts from this company. !Please refer to the tutorial Contacts List to learn more about this list!

You can also add a new company by clicking on the blue button Add Company. You can add the new company's name, logo, and website in the opened window.

In this tutorial, you learned how to read data in the Companies report.

Thank you for being with us!

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