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Content Library

Analyze data in real-time, and manage and track the performance of the created content for your landing pages.

Content is information and communication. It is the glue that keeps your audience to continue reading your campaign emails or your site. It keeps them from bouncing away to competitor websites. Between the written words, visual media, video, and more, content is the thing that keeps people interested in your message.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page to access this report and click on Content - Content Library.

The report allows you to view and track the following information:

  • The content’s title and its author;

  • The type of the content (Email, Blog, Flyer, etc.);

  • The content type you shared with your contacts;

  • The number of views and the average spent time viewing the information;

  • The number of likes and call-to-actions.

How to Manage my Content

By clicking on the three-dots button under the Action tab, that is where you can manage your content.

Edit Content - you are redirected to your post for making any necessary changes.

View Content - a pop-up window appears.

You can choose if you would like to view the content on the landing page.

Share Content - The content can be shared with your contacts.

Duplicate - The post will open, where you must change the title and add any desired changes. Do not forget to click on the Post button.

Download - The content will be downloaded as a file to your computer.

Delete Content - The content will be removed without confirming the action.

Filtering Parameters

You can search for the post in the Content Library by choosing the necessary parameters.

Type parameter

Select the type of content you would like to see in your list. Please note that in the dropdown menu, you will see the types of content which you have in the content list. For example, if none of your content was added as a Blog, this type will not appear in the dropdown menu.

All Pages parameter

Choose the landing page you would like to see the content.

Categories parameter

Here you can select the category assigned to the needed content.

Tags parameter

If you have assigned any tags, please select.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to manage your created content list and track its performance.

Thank you for being with us!

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