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Use A Playbook For Sales Innovator

Playbooks are best-practice email sequences we created to help you get started with your email marketing campaign. You can select from our growing list of playbooks an email sequence that you want to use for your next campaign. Let me show you how.

To look through the playbook library, you first need to go to Playbook in the navigation. Then click on the playbook library. You can filter playbooks by categories and verticals to find the best Playbook for your campaign.

To learn more about each Playbook, you can hover over the playbook image and click view. If you already used this Playbook before, you can click on use and get started.

After clicking on view, you can read the Playbook's description and read about the best practices on how to get it implemented. If you want to see all the emails in the sequence, you can click on the Sequence button.

You can preview the emails in order of their send date. The emails already have the personalization tags and labels describing areas where you can customize the email text. If you want to use this email sequence, you can click the button Use Playbook.

When you click on the Use Playbook button, a new email campaign will be created for you with the playbook email sequence you selected. Name your campaign, choose a page for your campaign, and choose who will be sending emails. The page you select will be your landing page for your campaign's content.

You can check that the email sequence has been added to your campaign by clicking on Create Your Message. There you will find all the email sequences from the Playbook ready for you to use.

You can click on edit on any of the emails, and you can start customizing your email for your campaign. The Playbook is fully editable, and you can use the Playbook to create your playbooks that you can save for future re-use.

If you have not signed up, you can get started for free today. Get started and invite your team.

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