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Create A Playbook For Sales Innovator

You can create your best practice playbook for your organization. Your Playbook will be only visible to your organization members, and they can use it to easily set-up their future campaigns.

To create a playbook, click on Playbooks in the menu and then Add Playbook.

Creating a playbook is easy. First, you need to enter some information to describe your Playbook. Enter a playbook title, description, best practice explanation, and cover image. Also, you can add a playbook category and vertical if you desire.

Next, you will create your email sequence. Your Playbook could have a single email or an email sequence. There is a place for you to copy and paste or write your email.

Click on the plus button to add a new email to the sequence. You can specify how often emails will be sent, what time and day they will send, and when the sequence will stop for each receiver. You can also add an unsubscribe link to your email.

When adding an email to an email sequence you can: add personalization tags, decide if emails will be replies to emails or a new email thread, choose to send a text or HTML email, add a banner, or use an existing email template you saved.

Each email you create is added to the sequence, and a date is automatically generated based on your campaign settings. The dates are set by default, and each Playbook user can change settings and the email once they choose to use the Playbook.

Once you are done, you are ready to publish your Playbook. Click on Save, and your Playbook will be published. Only your organization team members will be able to see this Playbook.

After publishing your Playbook, you will see your Playbook in the playbook library, and anyone in your organization can choose to use your Playbook. To edit or delete your Playbook, you can click on your Playbook and click view.

You have succesfully published your Playbook, and you can edit or delete it anytime. Only administrators, the owner, or the playbook creator can edit or delete the Playbook. Now that you know how to create a playbook, you can create many more.

If you have not signed up, you can get started for free today. Get started and invite your team.

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