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Create An Account With Sales Innovator

Creating a new account with Sales Innovator is simple. There are three steps you will need to take.

Go to and click on the sign-up button. You can also click on the get started now button.

You can sign-up using various methods. You can sign-up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account. Also, you can just sign-up and create your user name and password. By signing up, you are accepting our terms and privacy policy.

Sales Innovator is a product built for teams. Your first step is to create an organization where you will later invite all your team members. The URL extension is how we will identify your organization in the links you send.

Next, we will ask you to connect your email account. We require everyone to connect their email account to be ready to start sending emails if they are selected as a sender. We support all types of email accounts your company may use for sending emails.

The final step is to add your contact information that will enable Sales Innovator to personalize pages and emails to your contact information. If you do not want to fill out all the information right away, you can update it later.

You are now fully signed-up, and you can get started. We created some playbooks to help you get started launching your personalized email marketing campaign. In my next video, I will give you an overview of everything you can do with Sales Innovator.

If you have not signed up, you can get started for free today. Get started and invite your team. Go to

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