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Creating an Eye-Catching LinkedIn Post Image

LinkedIn is so much more than just a website for recruitment purposes. It is a networking platform for professionals and businesses. It consists of more the 500 million users and is considered to be a perfect platform for B2B marketing. The secret to a great LinkedIn marketing strategy is simple. You are required to consider a few significant factors: increase engagement, build your network, and grow your business. Content marketing has become quite common on LinkedIn. You can put forward your writing in front of thousands of highly professional individuals.

However, it is significant to understand the type of content that works best on LinkedIn. While it is usually recommended to publish text-only posts on LinkedIn, many studies indicate that adding visuals, such as images, would increase the performance of your LinkedIn post. The following paragraphs will explain the importance of creating an eye-catching LinkedIn post image.

The Need for Eye-Catching Linked Posts

You have planned a fantastic social media campaign, produced some great content, worked on the marketing strategy, completed all your research, and are ready to publish it on LinkedIn. However, once you post, the engagement and views which you expected are not there.

Along with the many other factors resulting in a low engagement rate on your post, using a picture that is not catchy and relevant to your post is one of them. Pinterest and Instagram have taught us that individuals are interested in helpful posts, as well as consist of beautiful pictures. Visuals are elements that help in grabbing the attention of readers. They are as important as the headline of the topic. No matter how good your article is, if the picture attached to that article is boring, there’s a high probability that the reader will lose interest and continue with their scrolling.

Tips to Create Eye Catchy Images

Post a Clear Image

The importance of posting a professional and a clear image is a lot more than writing a post that is overly relevant to the discussion topic. If you have posted a filtered selfie, which is also blur, on an article where you describe your extraordinary skills and expertise, people are not going to give it a read. However, if you choose to post a picture of a decent workspace, people will most likely click on your article and give it a read.

Add Text

If you haven’t already worked on a style guide for your business, take a few moments and decide on what font you will be using for the images you post on LinkedIn. Consistency is key. Make sure you are not coming up with different and unprofessional fonts on every post. If you use the same font for each image, it will save you the effort and as well as create a branded and consistent look. Choose a font that is professional and easy to read. Some fonts to avoid: Papyrus and Comic Sans. Go with Arial or Times New Roman.

Resize the Picture

Research suggests that the perfect image on LinkedIn should be of the size, 698 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (698×400). Thus, don’t just go with an Image of any size and expect it to fit perfectly. You can easily resize your picture with an online website such as PicMonkey. Resize and crop the image to the size suggested by LinkedIn.

Credit the Image

If you’re posting a picture from some other platform, you need to credit the photographer. LinkedIn gives you the option to add credits, by clicking the alternate text.

Sharing Multiple Images

LinkedIn continues to come up with new and unique features to enhance the overall customer experience. Until now, users were allowed to post only one image with their LinkedIn post. Recently, LinkedIn has come up with the latest update: multi-image posting. This is a feature that was available on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, a standard option on social media. However, it has recently been added on LinkedIn, providing you the ability to post multiple pictures and enhance your professional profile. You can use this feature to boost your business profile by displaying images from a business event, product launch, CSR activity and many more.

To use this newly added feature, you can tap on the camera, choose multiple pictures and click on post. This feature is available on iOS and will be soon available on Android as well.

Where to Find Free Images?

With the recently launched Pablo by Buffer, you can easily create the best images for social media post in no time. They have some great fonts and stock photos, and you can also add your logo to the image. This feature allows you to quickly and easily create and share pictures on your social media page.

Additionally, you can find images related to work on Startup Stock Photos. If you want to add a bit of a personality to your posts, you can find some relevant images on Gratisoraphy.

For images related to nature, if you’re looking for a new background image, visit Pickup Image.

These websites will help you create some great images that will grab your viewers’ attention. Go for images that are attractive and not boring.


LinkedIn is a professional platform which deals with millions of business professionals at every level. It has become a thriving platform, especially for B2B marketing. Although, it has been highlighted that engagement is the highest on text-only posts, adding images is considered to be a contributing factor. When you plan on adding an image to your post, make sure that it is clear, catchy and visually striking. No matter how great your content is, people will scroll through your post if it doesn’t attract them. LinkedIn has recently come up with the feature of multi-image posting. You can use this feature to boost your conversions as well. Thus, following a strategy that will help you reach your goal, i.e., high engagement.

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