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Creating Personalized Experiences with Sales Robots

“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” ~Ray Kurzweil Sales robots can help you take your personalization experience to a whole new level. Where salespeople are limited by their time, numbers, and tools to create personalized outreach experiences and brands are limited in their non-personal branded approach towards marketing, sales robots can personalize email outreach experiences at scale. Sales Innovator incorporated the most effective personalization strategies into each sales robot's outreach techniques making each robot significantly more effective than an individual salesperson. With the sales techniques, Sales Innovator robots apply, marketers have noticed a 760% boost in their revenue and a 25% boost in open rates. This article will go into detail about the types of personalization techniques used by sales robots.

Personalize the Sender's Name

One of the most significant advantages of using sales robots is your personalized sender's name. Over 68% of Americans say that the "From" name plays a substantial role in their decision to open an email. 42% say it is the most significant factor next to a subject line (32%) and email preview (24%). When it comes to mobile, 70% of email recipients agree the sender's name is the most important factor they consider when opening an email. Hub spot tested using a sender's name instead of their brand, and they found that their click-through-rates went from .73% to .96%. This may not seem like a big jump, but the change resulted in 292 more clicks, which was worth it. When prospects take less than a second to decide on opening an email, it is critical to consider what the prospect finds the most crucial factor in making their first decision. Each sales robot has a personalized senders name that improves trustworthiness with the receiver, and over several email sequences, the sales robot will be remembered and expected. Additionally, you can add the brand name following the robot's name and add additional credibility to your email. Unlike an email from the company or an individual salesperson, sales robots can infinitely scale in providing a personalized sender's name to emails sent by a company. When contacts are ready to engage, a sales robot can transition the warmed-up relationship to a salesperson.

Personalize the Emails Subject Line

Email subject lines are the second most essential factor prospects look at when deciding to open an email. According to data by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, companies who personalize their subject line can increase open rates by 50% and lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates. Compared to non-personalized subject lines (14.1%), personalized subject lines had open rates of 21.2% for emails personalized with names and 22% for emails with another type of personalization.

Sales robots automatically personalize email subject lines with the prospect's name and additional variables that boost open rates and click-through rates with minimal effort.

Personalize Email Content

Companies that go above and beyond personalizing the sender and the subject line have seen significant results. Personalized and relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than a broadcast email. Emails with personalized messages have an 18.8% open rate compared to a 13.1% open rate for emails without personalization. Also, emails with relevant content are 56% less likely to be unsubscribed to by prospects.

Sales robots can personalize each email for the individual and a target segment. Robots can personalize email content, images, and attachments for each email. Here are a few ways sales robots can personalize content to achieve better results:

· Mutual Connections: Can help you bridge the gap between you and a prospect. Ex. a person, town, high school, social media group, conference, seminar, etc.

· Visual Presentation: Include a relevant graphic representation such as an image or a short video.

· Existing Technology: Personalize emails based on the technology the prospect owns.

· Prospects Interest: Look for frequent mentions, comments, and social posts that can help you identify what they are fond of this could be anything like a sports team, movie, favorite places, etc.

· Compliment: Giving a compliment is a sure way to build a good relationship with your prospects. Ex: winning an award, blogs seminar, etc., and a leader in their field.

· Trigger Events: Reach out to the prospects when they most likely require your business/service. Ex: new hires, move from the competitors, and a new round of funding.

· Buyer Personas: Personalize based on a type of customer, products they buy, problems they are trying to solve, etc...

· Demographic: Use gender, age, income, education, and ethnicity to personalize content.

· Firmographic: Use company field, location, services/products, and the number of employees to personalize content.

· Behavior: Use links clicked, products searched, products purchased, and conversion rate to personalize content.

· Psychographics: Use lifestyle, interests, and attitudes to personalize.

· Location: Personalize based on language, dialects, seasonal needs, weather, and needs.

· Lifecycle: Personalized content based on where your customers are in their journey.

Personalize Landing Pages

Companies that personalize their emails and their landing pages can see a significant increase in conversion rates and responses. Emails without a personalized landing page typically see a 5% or lower conversion rate, while those with a personalized landing page see more than 20% conversion rates. Companies with personalized landing pages have seen up to a 45% greater response rate.

Sales robots personalize not only emails but also each landing page the prospect receives. Here are a few ways sales robots can personalize landing pages:

· Visitor's name: Visitors will see their name when opening the page.

· Company name: Prospects will see their company name when opening the page.

· Personalized message: Each visitor will receive a personalized message when opening the page.

· Company size: Customize your landing page to a specific target segment.

· Job title or position: Use the visitor's title to personalize the page and flatter your visitor.

· Messaging based on channel, they clicked on: Personalize the landing page to a specific channel that drove the traffic.

· Demographic: Use gender, age, income, education, and ethnicity to personalize your landing page.

· The industry of visitor's organization: Personalize the landing page to their specific industry or organization.

· Onsite history of visitor: Recommend content that interests the visitor based on previous content they read.

Campaigns Are Easy to Create and More Effective

Salespeople would require significant time to create personalized email and landing page experiences for each prospect. Not only would they need to invest time creating the content, but they would most likely require significant involvement from developers. Sales Innovator has built-in rich personalization into each sales robot, and companies can launch personalized email and landing page campaigns quickly without any help from a developer. Consequently, making sales robots a lot more effective and affordable in their sales outreach efforts than a salesperson. Additionally, sales robots can infinitely scale to help companies reach their prospects and accelerate their sales pipeline. They are assisting companies in achieving success that is beyond humanly possible.


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