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Email Rule

This tutorial will look at configuring the domain and email rule for campaigns.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page to access this report. Then, click on Settings - Email Rule.

A rule is a set of criteria and automatic actions applied to new campaign emails. Your email program will first check to see if a new message meets the conditions you have specified, then it will send the email.

Domain and Email Scheduling Rules

In the popped-up window, you can select the domain, the start, and the end date of the Rule if you would like to.

Then you can configure the setting for your email. It is important to read the following notification: "Email settings configured here will supersede all settings set at a campaign level and apply to all domain senders."

You can enable the domain email warmup when the email settings are configured.

What is email warmup? Warming up an email domain consists in gradually increasing the volume sent per day from this domain or email address and generating engagement to raise your sending reputation and show you're a good sender to the inbox providers and spam filters. In addition, email domain warmup helps you avoid a lot of bounced emails and signals your service provider that you are not a robot or scammer.

The Domain Scheduling Rules in Sales Innovator opens up with the pre-filled fields that give the recommended value for that specific parameter.

In this tutorial, you have learned about the domain and email rules setup and email warmup.

Thank you for being with us!

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