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Get Familiar With The Sales Innovator Navigation

Sales Innovator is easy to navigate. Let me show you around to know what you can do and where to perform each task.

When you first join or get invited to Sales Innovator, you will arrive at the playbook library. The playbook library has examples of email campaigns you can use to get started. Your company can also add their playbooks that are only available to organization members.

Sales Innovator has many reports ready for you to analyze your campaigns. You can monitor all prospects, companies, content, and emails used in your campaigns. You can also see how well your emails are warming up and how many bounces and blacklists you are receiving.

Next, you can click on senders to see what senders have been added and those who have not connected their email accounts. You will get detailed analytics per sender. Adding a sender is very easy, and you can create one by uploading a list, searching members, or manually entering a sender. Once a human sender is added, an email will be sent inviting him or her to join. Also, you can create virtual senders to assist you in sending more emails.

Manage all your dynamic landing pages from one location. Click on manage pages, and you can see your pages and page analytics. You can also page pages, add content to pages, and use already created page templates.

By clicking on content, you get access to a library of content your team can use on pages, email campaigns, and share link campaigns. Creating, viewing, and editing content is straightforward with the content library.

To launch your email or link sharing campaigns, you click on campaigns, and there you can manage all your campaigns, add new ones, see a calendar of when emails are going to be sent, and create and manage shared links.

You can see all of your companies and contacts and download and upload leads by clicking on the leads tab. By clicking on contact, you can see a list of all your leads and get analytics on each lead. You can do the same by clicking on companies.

To administer your organization, you click on settings. Here is where administrators can manage all the email connections, manage email settings, manage their billing, add members, add custom domains, set-up notifications, and configure their organization.

On the top navigation, you can access another version of the menu, a link to creating a campaign, and notifications. Notifications will visually sound when a new system notification or a contact engages. Clear notifications when you have viewed them and load more when you want to see older notifications.

The final navigation is under your avatar. Here is where each person can manage their parts of the system. Each team member can modify their profile, set-up notifications, manage connections, update passwords, manage accounts, and switch organizations.

If you have not signed up, you can get started for free today. Get started and invite your team. Go to

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