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Get The Localized Marketing Business Process Right

To set-up an optimized localized digital marketing business process you need to get several methods right so you can optimize the way distributors, franchisees, chapters, and localized stores best use your assets to create great digital marketing campaigns.

First, you need a system where you can easily invite different localized units to engage with your team. You should be able to engage with a chapter privately or publicly in a community-like environment.

Next, you need to be able to share social media posts and digital assets with each chapter. When sharing, you need to know who has seen the images and is using them in their campaigns. Also, make sure you can report on how each local unit is doing and what content is being shared.

Another critical factor is that the local units have a way to get quickly notified of new content and that they can communicate directly with you.

Finally, if you can integrate your assets into a social media publishing tool, employee amplification tool, blog, localized pages, and employee profile pages, you will get the most exposure for your efforts.

Please let me know if there are any process items I may have left off that you found helpful in your localized marketing efforts.

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