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Every company has the goal to reach as much as success as possible and to increase sales and profits. Nowadays, they are tons of different ways to do that, but one of the best strategies is Comment Marketing.

Comment marketing has been out there for more than six years, yet it hasn’t lost any of its power and influence. In the Digital Marketing world it is becoming increasingly influential because they are very few using it.

There is a limited number of blogs and communities that have audiences that engage in the comments, but where they do, the levels of participation are fascinating. Now, how can you use some else’s success in your favor? Well, that is basically what Comment Marketing is.

Leaving the right comments, on the right posts, and at the right time will give you a big portion of that success. Comment Marketing is what connects you with people who are already looking for the information you are an expert in.

Inside successful posts and communities, you can find opportunities to share your links, or to increase your social following. Through comments, you can build strong relationships with prospective customers, let them know know they can trust you, and drive traffic to your company, brand, or business.

You can leave anything you want in the comment box; however, there’s a fine line between sharing meaningful comments that will engage people and posting “spamy” comments.

Comment Marketing can be one of the strongest tools Social Selling has. Social Selling is the ultimate sales technique that eliminates cold-calling and door-ringing; but, at the same time targets the specific market you haven’t reached yet. This is why the best way to reach out to more people with a Social Selling plan is thruogh Comment Marketing.

Starting a discussion, sharing meaningful opinions, and having a real interaction with others, can benefit you with building a stronger brand presence. People will recognize you more easily and this will generate leads/sales directly because of the personal bonds you can create.

Probably your company is already great, but you know it has the potential to grow even more, so don’t be afraid of trying different strategies. If you are not sure how to make great comments or how to start a Comment Marketing strategy, check out these two links…

Remember there is still a lot out there for your company; you are the owner of the decisions that will determine how far it will get. If you have any questions about Social Selling or Comment Marketing, feel free to reach out to us. We are willing to explain in a more personal level of how Social Selling can benefit your company.

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