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Help Your Sales Team to Close Deals Through Content

Marketers are always experimenting and coming up with strategies to produce content that will help the sales team turn prospects into paying customers. The traditional sales methods are now obsolete to generate leads that keep the business ahead of the competition. According to research, sales representative spend 15% of their time leaving emails out of which only 20% are viewed; this means that the old sales efforts go unnoticed. Instead of selling the hard way, the sales team can use some help from the marketing department.

This is when content marketing comes into action. Even when the marketing team hands over the prospects to the sales department, content holds great significance. With the use of high quality and engaging content, the sales team can generate leads more effectively and quickly. The next few paragraphs explain how to help your sales team close deals with the help of good content.

With the digital revolution that has taken over our lives, the way how we consume information has changed. Today, consumers believe in educating themselves before making a buying decision. Salespeople are annoyed and get demotivated by cold calls. The solution to all of this is content marketing. So how can you help your sales team close deals?

Create Brand Awareness

Once you have produced good content that addresses the issues and preferences of your target audience, you will observe traffic growth on your website. If you build and share valuable content on social platforms, lead generation through word of mouth will take place, people will start sharing your content, and your brand’s awareness will increase.

Builds Credibility and Trust

Nowadays, before making any purchase customers research and educate themselves about the product. They visit websites and, read reviews and blogs to find more about the brand. If you provide them with articles and blogs that are valuable and helpful for them,

this will assist in the post-purchase evaluation. They will start to trust your brand and will become familiar with it. As a result, this will build credibility and people would prefer buying your brand. Hence, increasing sales.

Land First Sale Conversation

Businesses get only one chance to create an impression on the audience. Good content can help the marketers and sales rep to say more in a short period. You can also achieve this by following some of the blogs other companies have published. You can then produce content with some tips and tricks, or how-to blogs that will be valuable to your audience. Hosting a live session that addresses common issues and shows best practices followed by companies is also a good idea.

Some other opportunities that you can avail include: Asking your customers to contribute and participate in blog writing. Furthermore, you can open a slack group or a forum that will provide the customer with a sense of belonging.

Understand the Buyers Persona

Before getting in touch with a prospect, the sales team should put together a buyers profile or a persona. Consider the pain points, what are their preferences, what issues do they face and how can the company help them resolve in resolving these issues?

To understand the process, we need to have a look at the marketing sales funnel.

At the top of the funnel is the Awareness Stages.

Which consists of general content. For instance, find out what problems your prospects are facing and make sure that your content helps solve those problems. You can also run a keyword analysis and see what the most searched words are. Use keywords and SEO to ensure that your content is easily reachable. The awareness stage includes content such as e-books, research reports, educational material, editorial content, and white papers.

The next stage that comes in the middle of the marketing and sales funnel is the consideration stage.

In this stage, the readers are aware of the problems that they face and are now looking for a solution. You need to create content that includes webinars, guides, and whitepapers.

Decision stage comes at the bottom of the marketing sales funnel.

This stage provides you the opportunity to introduce your product. Prospects in this stage are in the decision-making process already; you can give product comparisons or case studies. The decision stage is the most significant stage in the buying process. Readers here are looking for information that will help them make the right purchase decision.

The real challenge for the marketer or the salesperson is to use the content at the right time and place because the end goal is to achieve the highest ROI. The initial goal, to create awareness, could be managed through impressions. Compelling content can help produce favorable impressions. Also, you need to make sure that your services and products are aligned with the values and preferences of the customers. Then you need to create a road map for the entire journey. Plan out the best ways to reach out to your target customers.

Additionally, you need to segment your customers. You can then ask your sales reps to provide you with the necessary information (such as preferences, issues, etc.) which will help you in providing valuable content to the readers.

To conclude, content marketing is a new tool to assist you in the sales environment. Content marketing is not something new, and it has always been there since the start of the digital revolution. It is just getting better and efficient with each passing day. Nowadays, the need for reaching out to customers through brochures, postcard and magazine ads is not nonexistent. There are various online channels where companies could share their content and create brand awareness. Reaching out to the target audience has become an easy task with the help of content marketing. Thus, content marketing can play a significant role in helping the sales team close deals.

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