• Steven Tedjamulia

How A LinkedIn Company Page Benefits Your Business

A LinkedIn company page not only benefits your business in terms of sales but also establishes your company image as professional and authentic. Here are some points to be noted which directly help your business through a LinkedIn company page.

  1. Customer Interest: The content you share on the company page should be of the viewers/customers interest. Produce content which viewers would like to read and share with their connections.

  2. New Product/Service: When a company produces or launches a new product/service, your LinkedIn company page should be the first one to introduce it since it’s a professional social networking site and the message spreads through it quickly.

  3. Uniqueness: Write about the unique products/services you offer. Stand out on your quality and differentiation.

  4. Potential Candidates Fit For Your Business: LinkedIn is the first site where people come to look for jobs and connections. Show viewers that how well the company promotes employee wellness and engagement.

  5. Eye On Competitor: Watch your competitors for trends and new interventions. This will help in innovation and gauging more customers.

  6. Rank Of The Company: Ask the administrator of your company page to keep it up-to-date.

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