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How Comment Marketing Can Help You Generate More Leads

Comment marketing has been utilized for years, and people have found it beneficial with relevance to business generation and networking. How can you engage with people across the world by using comment marketing strategies and what benefits does it bring?

First, identify your goals to determine why you want to do comment marketing. The purpose is to connect with people by putting across a clear message that creates traffic and ends up to earning revenue. For instance, commenting on a blog gets the attention of the author.

Be valuable – Running a campaign is easy, but not adding value to your campaign and for the person in the message is just as useless as a ‘g’ in lasagna. Create value wherever you go, in whatever you say, and whatever you do.

Persistent – Keep doing comment marketing. Make it a habit. Allocate time and keep track of the number of comments per day. This strict, consistent behavior and persistent attitude will help connect with more people and be more active.

Be strategic – Always research and comment on the top Google blogs/articles where your comments will be read and get maximum attention.

Leave a mark – For example when you comment, always refer it to your website- give your name, number, and email address.

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