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How I Saved 3 Hours A Week Scheduling My Social Media Posts In Advance

I have recently switched from manually posting to different social networks to using Social Lift to post to all my social networks, and I have found a lot of value in using a tool to help you facilitate posting. Here are four benefits I discovered. I also timed myself and learned that by planning ahead and using Social Lift, I have can save 1–3 hours a week from making posting more efficient. Here are the benefits I gained from scheduling my posts ahead of time:

1. Consistency

Planning for the long-term is a critical component of a successful content marketing campaign. On average, only 25% of prospects show interest the first time you contact them, and the rest need to be continuously nourished through many more posts. The latest research shows that on average, it takes 14 positive interactions before someone will show interest. By planning and creating a compelling and consistent message, you will be more likely to convert those who do not show interest the first time.

2. Team collaboration

By giving yourself more advance time to plan out and write your post, you will have more time to involve a team in planning out a content calendar and discussing what themes and content you should create. More people can get involved in creating content, and you will have a stronger story to present to your prospects to get them interested in finding out more about your company.

3. Planning content themes

The more time you have to plan out your posts, the stronger the story you can create for your prospect. Help them identify their problem, find out what solutions are available, and how you can help them. Start with essential intro content and build up with more advanced material. If you give readers advance content to early, you will lose them. Planning out proper themes will guide your team, research, and prospects and give you a higher chance of a conversion.

4. Save time

Using a social posting tool like Social Lift ( will save you a lot of time and will allow you to open up more channels to distribute your message. Before using Social Lift, I had to focus on a few channels, and I spent a lot of time going from channel to channel posting several times a day. Now I can plan, schedule my posts for the week, and auto posts to all my channels at once. I have a Facebook page, multiple Facebook groups, a Twitter page, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn profile that I post to each day. I save at least three hours a week using Social Lift.

Social Lift is a free social media platform that you can start using today. It is simple to use, very stable, and we are adding new features every week. Go To to start scheduling your posts ahead of time and becoming more efficient and effective.

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