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How To Be An Effective Social Seller

Social selling, like many business practices, has a right way and a wrong way to go about implementing this practice. So, what is the right way to be a social seller? What steps do I need to take in order to be effective? There’s a comprehensive article from Hootsuite and an article from Cornelia Pauline that give good insight into how this can be done. The object of this article is to summarize the points that they made and gather them here.

Be Visible

What this means is that you need to be consistent with posting in social groups. Cornelia uses Facebook as an example because Facebook has an algorithm that rewards consistency. Remember to only join groups that makes sense to join and don’t spam. Just make relevant posts on a daily basis.

Show Up, Don’t Use Social Bots

This is to say, actually participating in social groups and don’t use automated liking and commenting tools. People can sense when you’re being fake and when you’re being authentic. It’s best not to risk coming off as a lifeless robot when social selling or you probably won’t be selling much of anything.

Be Personable and Genuine

This goes along with the above point. People really respond well when they feel like they’re talking to a real-life person who actually cares. Being genuinely interested in others and trying to add value to their life goes a long way. People will notice and your credibility will skyrocket. Who knows, maybe they’ll even refer you to a friend!

Listen Strategically to Identify Leads

By listening, I mean reading. It’s a matter of paying attention when someone shares valuable information about themselves. This could be a really good indicator of whether or not your service can help them. If you have relevant and useful information for them, share it!

Add the Right Kind of Value

It’s also helpful to know what type of content you should post. There are four types of content that are suggested; Educational/teachable, inspirational, social proof, and entertainment. According to Cornelia these four types of content add value to the people in those social groups. If your content is not relevant or doesn’t add value, don’t post it!

Build Meaningful Relationships

This takes time but having a meaningful and lasting relationship with social media contacts is vital to social selling. Do what you need to do to cultivate that relationship whether it be wishing them a happy birthday, giving a meaningful answer to their question, or congratulating them on an accomplishment they achieved. Maybe they will become lifelong customers and refer their friends to you as well!

Social Selling Best Practices

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