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How to create a facebook group with thousands of members

Facebook groups are fantastic because they give you the ability to interact with people who have come together for a specific purpose. There is often a lot of engagement within Facebook groups because people who join them are inherently interested in the group subject.

Facebook groups are also great news for people looking sell to a specific audience! If your business is solving a problem, you can be sure that there are thousands of people looking for the solution. But how can you find them?

One great way is by creating a Facebook group centered around solving that problem.

For example, if your targeting people who are buying used cars, you may want to create a Facebook group.  A Facebook group centered around buying used cars will attract many people who are looking to either sell or buy a used car.  Owning a group will allow you to build direct relationships with your target customer.

Most people join Facebook groups to get help, support, or to share a common interest. It is not a platform to pitch sales to everyone.

Facebook groups are great for selling, building brand awareness and establishing credibility, but all of that will not work if you aren’t adding value and seeking to help your Facebook community.

So now you know why groups are helpful, but how can you create your own group with massive engagement?

The first step is easy, create a group!

1. Make sure as you create it that your picture and description positively and accurately represent your brand.

2. You may want to add guidelines to your group so that things won’t get out of hand and you let people know in advance what is not okay to do within the group. Guidelines will help keep a positive community environment.

3. Add tags to your group so that people can find it easily.

Once your group is created.

1. add the friends you think would be interested in this group. (Keep in mind that they may know of people that would also be interested)

Ask them to invite people who they think could benefit from your group.

2. You can also go to other Facebook groups that you think would have members interested in your topic and let people know about your group. (This should be a helpful post, not a sales pitch.)

3. Another method is to post about your group, along with a description, on your facebook page as well as on your other social networking sites.

4. Campaigns with free giveaways are a powerful way to get people to join your facebook group and increase member engagement!

Bonus: If you know someone who is very popular on the Facebook community, have them post about your group so that you can reach more people!

In your facebook group endeavors, don’t forget to ask for help! Social lift is there to answer your questions and help you with expanding your reach. Visit to find out more! Contact Us!

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