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How to Create Viral Content for LinkedIn

From employees to sales reps to CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn is the platform of choice used by professionals at every level of business. With over half a billion members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn has become one of the most active and largest platforms of influential, educated and affluent individuals around the globe.

Each day, more than 1000 articles are published by over 10 million members on LinkedIn. The competition is immense. Therefore, if you want to stand out from this insane amount of clutter, you will need to put extra effort to create content that will go viral on LinkedIn.

Optimize your Profile on LinkedIn

You can publish the best articles in the world, but if your homepage does not reflect the quality of your posts, people will be driven away. Your profile is the landing page for users looking to connect with you and your business. You need to have a professional headline, a decent background picture, and a compelling summary.

It is important to note that your LinkedIn Summary is the first thing viewers would go through when they visit your profile. Consider this your first, and most important piece of content to share.

Go for Information-Rich Posts

Unlike most other social media platforms where the focus is primarily on entertainment, LinkedIn members are very much goal-oriented. They are interested in content that is rich in information, relevant to their goals, and can help them in improving their skills. Make sure that the content you publish is useful to your target audience.

Because LinkedIn attracts more intellectual audiences, long-form posts tend to perform better and receive more views, comments, shares, and likes. A typical long-form post consists of 1800-2000 words and would perform two times better than anything below this word limit.

Try the Storytelling Method

Storytelling is an instrumental element of content marketing. Nothing compares to a compelling story that leaves a long-lasting impact on the reader. In order to affect minds and hearts, marketers on LinkedIn need to come up with a story that serves the purpose to engage, inform, guide and entertain readers.

Make sure that your story has a key takeaway, as well as an emotional hook. Unlike a long-form, informative post, the ideal word limit for story posts is around 500-600 words. Entertaining stories do still have a place on LinkedIn, but they need to be shorter and easier to consume to be most effective.

Write Topics that Are Thought-Provoking

Thought-provoking topics can make posts go viral. Go for themes that will provoke people to think and discuss further with other members. Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a social platform, so be sure to involve your readers in your post by using a call to action technique at the end, e.g., “Agree? Disagree? Let’s Discuss.”

However, be sure to remain courteous and professional, even when comments begin to turn sour. A controversial topic can quickly devolve into unprofessional bickering and so must be handled with care. Be sure to clearly represent your company’s values in these discussions.

Content that Drives Engagement

The following themes statistically perform much better than the average content on LinkedIn when it comes to driving engagement from users.

  1. Industry news and latest trends – 89%

  2. Content that helps enhance skills – 79%

  3. Content related to industry events – 75%

  4. Information about service or products – 72%

  5. Perspectives of Employees – 67%

As a part of your content marketing plan, you need to keep a close eye on what is trending on the platform. Build your strategy in a way that it can take advantage of the topics people are already interested in seeking out.

Add Checklists and Templates

People like free stuff. If you offer readers something they can use they are much more likely to patronize your LinkedIn page. Things like optimization checklists, SEO and Excel templates are perfect goodies to reel in potential leads and spark some new interest in your company.

Furthermore, you can also offer a free consultation service to people who comment on your post. Consulting not only offers your audience a giveaway but also helps you develop a personal connection to your leads. This helps shorten the selling process and immediately establishes a meaningful relationship between you and your potential customers.


Like any major social platform, LinkedIn is swarming with other people’s content. Standing out from the crowd is a hard enough task. Creating something that can go can seem impossible. However, if you can create something that not only entices your audience to read but also to engage with, you may have a shot.

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