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How To Expand Your Personal Brand

Successful businesses nowadays are using digital tools to expand and track the conversion of each of their media platforms and websites. The efforts that you put in building your personal brand will determine the growth value of your career.

Branding, in marketing, is the strategy that produces real results over the course of months, years and decades. Its main characteristics are slow, traditional and long term benefits. Just like in successful companies, a trusted brand brings new customers in large numbers, a trusted personal brand will boost the number of job opportunities you receive and scale your career.

There are different strategies growing businesses are using to strengthen their brands, in this article, you can learn the pillars and tips you need to expand your personal brand.

Content Authority. The best way to establish and strengthen any brand is through content.  Best well-known brands are the ones with lots of engaging content. In the case of your professional life, your content is what differentiates you from the rest. For example, your resume, your professional experience, your skills, your achievements, your mission, and your goals. Once you are sure your content is engageable and strong, you can think of building an expandable personal brand.

Use Social Media. If your content is great, is useless if no one can find it. Large companies are changing their recruiting formats, now is the time to join a recruiting software platform and to make connections with those who will contribute to the process of expanding your personal brand. You need not only to have good content but also make it reachable. Don’t consider just using one single digital platform, you need to be everywhere where you can find potential growth.

Here is a list of the top ten recruiting software platforms.

Become a prolific guest blogger. For brands with a clearly defined audience, guest blogging is one of the best ways to put your content in front of responsive. Successful companies, in their digital marketing campaigns, always have a clearly defined target to avoid wasting time and efforts on practices that won’t cause any benefit. As you expand your personal brand, you need to do the same, have a target audience. In this situation, your target audience can be the company where you want to work next, someone who you are interested in doing business with, or any other recruiter.

Guest blogging allows you to make real connections and generate a large number of conversions and it can be as simple as sharing someone’s content or thanking them for their great article.

Keep your content and image consistent. Once you have gathered all your content make sure you keep it consistent and with the same focus. If you keep redirecting your career every few years by choosing different paths, is going to take you a long time to reach for success. It is not impossible, but you might have to start all over again many times. Build your career through consistency. Making your portfolio to look sharp and focused is going to build trust in the potential people who you can do business with.

Remember to always show your passion and purpose.

Think long-term, branding results aren’t immediate. While you continue to expand your personal brand remember your focus is on building a strong brand to have a larger success. If you just focus on the immediate results, and when you do this, you can either stop the progress you have built or lose motivation. ”Branding is like a wave - what begins as a small ripple grows into something much larger and more powerful as it picks up momentum” -Sophia Smith. Pull the plug on your branding efforts too early and it will never reach its full potential.

Just like a strong brand is a powerful asset for any business, a personal brand is also very powerful for your career.

This article was inspired by the ideas of Sophia Elizabeth Smith in her article “7 digital Tips to Expand Your Brand Presence and Reach” https://digitalmarke and also by the blog post of Jeff Bullas called “The 10 pillars to Creating a Personal Brand in a Digital World”.

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