How to Leave an Effective Comment

You may have heard of comment marketing and how leaving good comments on blogs or social media groups help your brand gain positive exposure which in turn leads to more sales. This begs the question; how can I leave an effective comment? Here, I will give you some helpful tips so you will be better equipped.

Stay on Topic

It can be tempting to share something like how great one of your products is. If it has nothing to do with the conversation, then do post it. You need to say something relevant to the conversation or no one is going to pay attention to you. You will add more value to a conversation if you have something interesting to say and you stay on topic.Be respectful to the author and participants. It’s perfectly okay to disagree with someone as long as you come off respectful. An example of this would be to start off complimenting someone by saying “I liked what you had to say about…” before pointing out where you disagree. When bringing up your disagreement, point out why and provide them with something like an experience or data to explain your position. This is how you can disagree without being disagreeable. Respectfully disagreeing will add value to the conversation. Also, ask the admin and moderators’ permission before you leave links. Add Value Unique to the Conversation What this means is to make a comment that hasn’t already been said or is common knowledge. If there’s an article attached to the conversation, read the article. You be surprised how many times someone leaves a comment that could be easily addressed with “It says in the article”. Make sure you don’t make that same mistake. Read the comments thoroughly and think about what you could say that hasn’t already been said.Proofread Your Own Comment This a very common mistake many people make. Proofreading goes beyond just making sure your grammar and spelling are correct. You should also make sure your comment is well formatted. If your comment is very long, space it out into paragraphs. Bullet points can also be very helpful. If you are leaving a really long comment that isn’t well formatted, it’s almost a guarantee that most everyone will ignore it.

These tips will help you become an excellent social seller and gain more leads. Learn more at

Stay on Topic Be respectful to the author and participants Add Value Unique to the Conversation Proofread Your Own Comment
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